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The Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a very common exercise and hobby for many people living in the United States. With all of the sandy beaches, warm weather, and backyard swimming pools, Florida is no exception! There are so many wonderful reasons to swim on a regular basis, far more than just the recreational

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Crispy Chicken Wings on a Green Mountain Grill

Are your chicken wings missing a little something? We have news for you, the missing piece to your puzzle might be what you’re cooking them on! Frank from All Florida Pool & Spa Center loves using his Green Mountain Grill to cook some of the crispiest, most tender, and best

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The Best Beer Can Chicken on a Big Green Egg

Have you ever tried to make a beer can chicken? Well, beginners and seasoned pro’s alike, listen up! Frank from All Florida Pool & Spa Center doesn’t like to brag, but his beer can chicken recipe is pretty good! Especially with the “secret sauce”! Lucky for us, he’s documented how

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12 Backyard Pool Renovations You’ll Love

Give your backyard the makeover it deserves with a little help from the team at All Florida Pool & Spa Center. We’ll make your dreams become a reality! We have helped transform countless backyards from outdated and boring to spectacular and modern.

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How to Make the Most of Your Backyard Paradise

It’s no secret, backyards were made for leisure and relaxation. No matter if your backyard space is big or small, all deck or hundreds of feet of grass, there are so many things that you can do to customize it and make it truly yours. In this article, we’re going

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3 Reasons Why It Is Time To Remodel Your Pool

Do you ever have that feeling when you go outside to relax by your pool, but all you can notice are the pools signs of aging? Maybe it is time to start thinking about what you can do to ease your frustration and recreate the pool of yours dreams. Below

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Summer is coming..Get Ready

Summer is coming and it is definitely starting to heat up, for us Floridians we know what that means, it is time for you and your family to jump in and escape the summer heat. But before jumping in you need to make sure your pool is in tip top

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Tips to Stay Safe During National Water Safety Month

All Florida Pool & Spa Center is proud to celebrate May, National Water Safety Month. It is important to stay safe while enjoying the rising temperatures and sunny days. We have a list of tips for all of our customers in order to maintain your pools and hot tubs safe

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How Often Should You Service Your Pool?

When was the last time that your pool was cleaned and serviced by a licensed professional? If you can’t remember the answer to that, it is probably time for someone to look at what’s going on a few steps from your backyard door. Maintaining a pool service schedule is very

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