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The Pool Heater Buying Guide for 2021

Cooler weather doesn’t stop us Floridians from enjoying a swim in our backyard pools … but that doesn’t mean we want to take a polar plunge, either. Even in February, our climate might accommodate outdoor swimming, but that can’t happen without a nice pool heater to warm up that cold

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Reasons a Heat Pump Pool Heater is Right for You

There’s no reason to pack your pool away for the winter when you live in Florida. Our winters can be warmer than some states’ summers! All you need is a pool heater to keep the water warm enough for those cooler days … but which one? If you don’t know

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Why is My Hot Tub Not Heating Up?

As cool air sweeps in and temperatures drop, nothing’s quite as invigorating as sinking yourself neck-deep into the warm waters of your hot tub. You’re expecting a wave of tropical paradise to warm your bones. So imagine your surprise when you dip your toes into what feels like an ice

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Why is My Pool Cloudy After a Rainstorm?

Afternoon storms are so common in South Florida that you can practically set your watch to them. He’s another “rain check” for you: It’s definitely going to ruin your pool chemistry. We’ve already covered how to protect your hot tub from storms, but your pool should be no exception.  How

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Why a Global Pandemic Shouldn’t Cancel Your Pool Service

Not going anywhere for a while? Neither are we.  Here’s the good news: We’re here to keep your pool clean and maintained — safely and professionally — no matter what. The bad news is that COVID-19 probably isn’t going anywhere, either. There have been over a half million cases to

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Use These 2 Keys to Unlock a Cleaner, Healthier Pool

Does anyone actually like using liquid or granular chlorine? Some people might have a certain nostalgia for that strong pool smell in the summer, but the rest of us would prefer it if our eyes and lungs were left alone from the harsh chemical sting. Luckily there’s another method to

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Still Stuck at Home? Use Your Pool for At-Home Workouts

Want to get a real workout that targets your entire body? Ditch the exercise bike and put on your bathing suit.  While gyms recently opened here in Florida, it’s still completely understandable if you’re thinking twice about venturing out. Luckily your pool or spa can aid either your workout, recovery,

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20 Tips to Turn Your Backyard Into Paradise

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And, when you’re stuck at home, pretend you’re on vacation. That shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you own a pool or a hot tub. Let’s face it: Everyone would rather be on vacation at the moment. But you can still bring

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Making Use of Your Pool During Quarantine

Having trouble with cabin fever right about now? We don’t blame you. But you can breathe easy, because you already have the perfect antidote in your backyard.  It’s true that right now, when you’re stuck at home all-day-every-day, the grass looks greener and the pool looks bluer on the other

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