3 Warning Signs You Need a New Hot Tub Cover

hot-tub-coverNo hot tub installation is complete without a matching hot tub cover.

Hot tub covers offer many savvy benefits. Keep dirt, debris and insects out of the water to maintain the quality and cleanliness, all while keeping the heat trapped in to reduce energy costs. Not to mention that a locking cover can help keep wildlife, children, and even the occasional trespasser from entering the water of your Sundance® Spas or Bullfrog Spas® hot tub without your supervision or permission. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the classic tell-tale signs that your cover has served its purpose and it’s time for a new one.

1. The Material is Deteriorating

If the material is cracked, ripped, sagging, or simply deteriorating in general, it’s time for a new cover.

Once the material begins to degrade, it allows for dirt, debris and moisture to enter the cover. Once this starts to happen, the buildup of dirt and moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria, and even mold. The longer you wait to replace your hot tub cover, the heavier it will get, as the moisture won’t be able to escape once it has seeped through the exterior.

The installation and use of a cover lifter can help prevent premature rips or tears in the material. Easily installed and even easier to use, hot tub cover lifters can also help reduce strain on your arms, back and chest when taking the cover off or putting it back on.

2. The Straps, Locks or Other Components Are Broken

Right along with rips and tears, broken components on your hot tub cover are yet another sign it’s time for a new one. Hot tub covers are all about function and maximizing the overall spa experience. If you cannot easily maneuver your hot tub cover or cannot properly lock it into place while the spa isn’t in use, you risk the safety of those who are looking to use the spa and your backyard.

3. It’s Emitting a Strange Odor

As mentioned above, once dirt and moisture penetrate exterior materials and begin to buildup inside the cover, bacteria and mold can begin to grow. If you start to smell a strange or foul odor coming from your hot tub cover, it’s very likely that bacteria has grown and is there to stay.

You might even notice mold growing on the cover itself, in which case we recommend that you remove the cover, hose it down, clean with a high-quality cover cleaner and a rag, and then allow it to dry before placing it back on the hot tub. Either way, you should start making the steps toward purchasing a new cover – and quick! Breathing in mold and bacteria can be harmful to your health and the health of others.

Hot Tub Covers in Miami

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