When to Hire a Pool Cleaning Company?

Swimming pool with stair at luxury hotel

Is it time to clean your pool?

If you’re not feeling up to the task or fear that you won’t do it justice, it’s never too late to turn to the professionals! The technicians at a pool cleaning company, like those from All Florida Pool & Spa Center, can come to your house at a time that works best for you and bring your pool up to speed. You deserve to make the most of your backyard pool installation, which is exactly what we want to help you do!

To learn more about pool cleaning services and determine when it’s time to hire a pool cleaning company, read on!

What Does a Pool Cleaning Company Do?

Plain and simple, a pool cleaning company helps to keep your pool clean, operating in peak condition, and safe to use. We understand, on those sunny Florida days it can be hard to resist your pool, which is why it’s so important to keep it clean and operating efficiently.

A pool cleaning company will first speak with you to identify the problem(s) you are facing and identify a solution. That solution could be a one-time fix, or a long-term partnership with regular pool cleaning services. When you work with All Florida Pool & Spa Center, a highly-trained and experienced technician will visit your home to inspect your pool at a time that works best for both parties.

When a technician visits your home, they will inspect the system as a whole and identify where the problem area is. From there, they will work with you to find a solution that works best. If the technician is performing routine pool cleaning, any of the following services may be performed:

  • Empty all baskets
  • Clean perimeter tile
  • Skim surface debris
  • Vacuum as needed
  • Brush walls, floors and trouble spots as needed
  • Clean filters monthly
  • Test and balance chlorine and pH
  • Visually inspect equipment for proper operation
  • Fill chemical containers

Not only will these services help to ensure that your pool operates in tip-top condition and lasts for many enjoyable years to come, but pool cleaning can also offer the convenience of not having to do it yourself and the confidence that your pool is being maintained properly. It also eliminates the need to transport chemicals in your car or the need to store them at home.

Signs You Need Pool Cleaning Service

Here are some signs that it might be time for pool cleaning services!

Cloudy Water

Cloudy or murky pool water is a clear indication that something is wrong. Until the water returns to its crystal-clear perfection, we do not recommend going for a swim. The water can turn murky or cloudy if it’s not being covered before rainfall, meaning that various contaminants have entered the water. It can also be a sign that your water is imbalanced, not being cleaned regularly or is not being cleaned correctly. It can also mean that there is a high concentration of chemicals, including water sanitizers and chlorine, and even a raised pH level.

Algae Build-Up

Do not, we repeat, do not enter your pool if you see algae growth. Algae in your swimming pool can pose a potential health risk, as it can produce a harmful bacteria called cyanobacteria. Pool water that has algae will likely release a foul odor and will have green slime along the surface or on the walls.

Red Irritated Eyes

If your skin or eyes are red, irritated or burning after a swim, chances are the water needs to be cleaned and balanced. The build-up of dirt, debris, body oil, soap, shampoo and laundry detergent can react with the chemicals in your pool and even clog the filters used to clean the water.

Pool Cleaning Service in Miami

Are you in need of pool cleaning service in Miami? Get in touch with our pool cleaning company today to bring your swimming pool back to life. Our team of specialists are fully-equipped with all the right pool products needed to clean, test, and balance the water.