Reasons a Heat Pump Pool Heater is Right for You

Reasons a Heat Pump Pool Heater is Right for You

There’s no reason to pack your pool away for the winter when you live in Florida. Our winters can be warmer than some states’ summers! All you need is a pool heater to keep the water warm enough for those cooler days … but which one? If you don’t know where to start, we recommend looking at heat pumps first.

No two swimming pool heaters are alike nor created equally. But heat pumps are a great option for Floridians for a plethora of reasons. Take a look!

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump extracts the ambient heat from the outdoor air, then transfers it to the pool water via a compressor and a heat exchanger. The compressor and heat exchanger work together to amplify the heat. Unlike gas heaters that require natural gas or propane, heat pumps yield a “cleaner” heat via electricity, producing no carbon monoxide.

Reason #1: You Want to Use Your Pool Year-Round

Heat pumps are perfect for use in South Florida’s weather! Heat pumps are most efficient when they’re heating outdoor air that’s above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below 50 and a heat pump does start to lose efficiency.

But Floridians don’t usually need to be worried about the weather getting too cool for the heat pump to work. In fact, heat pumps work more efficiently the warmer the air temperature gets, which leads to our next point …

Reason #2: Heat Pumps Yield Better Energy Savings

If you want to save on your energy bill, heat pumps provide greater value than their counterparts.

Think of a gas heater as a muscle car and a heat pump as a bike. A gas heater will definitely heat your pool faster, but you’ll pay a price for it when the energy bill comes. On the other hand, a heat pump will provide an even and consistent heat once it reaches your ideal temperature, operating with much less effort. The Department of Energy confirms that if you run an average heat pump year-round at 85 degrees, you’ll experience up to $400 a year in energy savings.

Reason #3: Some Heat Pumps Can Cool Your Pool, Too!

If you’re in the market for a heater, you’re probably already invested in your pool, and making it an enjoyable experience. Why not go the extra mile?

A premium heat pump model won’t just heat your pool, but also keep the water cooler when the weather is too hot outside.

Why is that important? Picture your pool on a 100-plus-degree summer day (naturally). If you don’t have much shade, the brutal sun can warm up your pool to an uncomfortable level. A Heat and Cool pump model uses a reversing valve to do the opposite of what a hump usually does. The reversing valve instead extracts the heat from the pool water and into the outdoor air.

So if your pool feels more like a spa in the summertime, a premium heat pump model might be to your benefit! Just look for models labeled as “H/C” units.

Which Heat Pump is Right for My Swimming Pool?

We’ve outlined our heater preferences in our updated buying guide, but we’d also love to talk with you about it one-on-one! If you’re in the market for a pool heater, make sure to ask us about heat pump options the next time you give us a call, or drop by in-store.