Pool Heaters

Swim Comfortably 365 Days a Year with Pool Heaters

No matter the time, weather, or your personal preferences, swimming pool heaters effectively adjust the temperature of your pool water to meet your needs and provide an exceptional experience.

Enjoy modern and advanced technology from leading brands such as AquaCal® Heatwave SuperQuiet™, Raypak®, and GulfStream® swimming pool heat pumps. Stylish and reliable, these brands guarantee top performance with intelligent controls, energy-efficient technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and expert design.

Gas Pool Heaters

  • Have been around the pool industry for over 60 years
  • Come in many shapes and sizes
  • Typically heat water faster than other types of heaters
  • New energy-efficient brands utilize closed combustion chambers to reduce pollution and exhaust

Electrical Resistance Pool Heater

  • Commonly used in small bodies of water, such as spas or small pools
  • Utilize multiple heating elements
  • Smaller than most, can fit into places with tight space restrictions
  • Less energy efficient and not as fast as gas heaters

Heat Pumps

  • Use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another
  • Designed to maintain consistent water temperature;
  • Slower than gas heaters, but more energy efficient
  • Can also be used to chill your swimming pool

Pool Heater Brands We Proudly Supply

Pentair MasterTemp®

Save money and energy with the MasterTemp High-Performance Heater. Already known as being dependable and efficient, MasterTemp now offers smart features and an optional energy-saving Smart Bypass Valve Kit to help you ensure your pool is ready whenever you are.

AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet

Aquacal Heatwave Superquiet®

The top selling and most sought-after heat pump on the market. With a pure Titanium ThermoLink® Heat Exchanger at its core – the HeatWave SuperQuiet® Series offers you optimum return on your money.

Gas Raypak pool heater

Raypak® Gas Heater

Your pool is a long-term investment that you, your family, and friends will enjoy year after year. Raypak® swimming pool heaters make it easy to enjoy that investment more often, more reliably, and more efficiently throughout the whole year.

GulfStream pool heater


The top-performing and energy-efficient GulfStream® has intelligent controls and design and state-of-the-art manufacturing. It can offer a peace-of-mind warranty and competitive pricing without compromising the quality.

“My mother has a pool and wanted it heated! It was so cold that none of us wanted to get in. So, I looked for a company to purchase a heater from. I am glad I found All Florida. Now, we can enjoy our pool all year round. They explained all my options. We bought a Heat Pump and are saving lots of money. Thanks All Florida!” ‐ Justin