Pool Cleaning Company

Living is South Florida is a privilege. To those who live in the northern hemisphere of the United States, summertime usually occurs only in the months of June, July, and August. However, here in South Florida, one could say that we experience it almost every day of the year. Tourists generally think about the sun, the hot weather, the beaches, and the relaxing pools when they think of coming down to South Florida for vacation. Some South Floridians have the luxury of having their very own pools in their backyards and they are the ones who are looking for the best ways to go about cleaning them.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center is a pool service and cleaning company located in Miami that guarantees satisfaction to their clients. We have been cleaning, repairing, and maintaining pools for the past 43 years. Since 1971, All Florida Pool & Spa has continued to take pride in assisting Floridians with their pools. Our knowledgeable pool and staff experts have transformed numerous backyards into places of both enjoyment and relaxation for adults and children.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center will ensure their clients’ pools are clean, clear, and sanitized. How can we ensure total satisfaction when it comes to maintenance? We provide highly trained professionals to vacuum the pools, clean the pool filters, inspect the pump operation, test the pH, and chlorine levels weekly, refill automatic chlorinator with chlorine tablets, and remove leaves and debris from the pool’s water surface.

Pool owners will not have to feel stressed or overwhelmed with any pool dysfunctions that could come up. All they would have to do is pick up their phones and call All Florida Pool & Spa Center. A professional pool cleaner technician will come to their home and handle the situation. We will also assist their clients with pool repairs. We know all about pool leaks, clogs, lights, and filters. We have no problem repairing motors, salt chlorine generators, pool heaters, time clocks, and LED lights inside the pools.

Not only does All Florida Pool & Spa Center offer a Pool Total Satisfaction Plan that includes weekly pool service, repair assistance, pool renovation, and referral rebate, but they all also offer a Hot Tub Total Satisfaction Plan. All Florida Pool can assist Floridians who have hot tubs in their homes. The Hot Tub Total Satisfaction Plan features a Spa Exchange Privilege and a referral rebate guarantee.

Some of the hot tub repairs that All Florida Pool & Spa Center does are jet replacements, cover-lift repairs, plumbing repairs, heater repairs or replacements, controller upgrades, and much more. Their pool/spa care staff can fix all makes and models of hot tubs.

Whether it is a commercial pool or a residential pool that needs maintenance, All Florida Pool & Spa is here to help and guarantees total satisfaction. For more information about All Florida Pool & Spa or to get a free estimate on our pool cleaning services, call (305) 893-4036.