What Does Swimming Pool Care in Miami Include?

To really enjoy yourself at home during the summer, you need to make sure you have good swimming pool care in Miami. If you’re new to owning a pool, it’s a good idea to review what exactly constitutes good swimming pool care so you can be sure you’re keeping your backyard jewel clean and in good working order.

Good Swimming Pool Care in Miami

To keep your pool clean, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to:

  • Make sure that any vegetation around the pool is trimmed back so it doesn’t shed leaves, flower or pollen into the water. With the lush foliage that’s so characteristic of Miami, many local pool owners choose to replace the foliage that’s directly around the pool with hardscaping such as wooden decks, flagstones or brick paths.
  • Every day, use a net to skim debris and bugs off the surface of the pool. Also make sure to check the pump trap basket for dirt and debris.
  • Each week, make time for a deep cleaning. Use the pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool, pushing and pulling the vacuum slowly in a repetitive motion.
  • Clean any algae of the sides of the pool using a nylon brush attached to the vacuum pole.
  • Clean the filter bag or cartridge by first redirecting the water flow to backwash, then emptying the cartridge, rinsing it off and reinserting it.
  • Clean the pump’s lint catcher by turning off the pump, removing the lint basket, emptying and rinsing it. Then reinsert the basket and turn the pump back on.
  • Test the water using test strips from a pool supply store. You should at a minimum be able to see the levels of pH and chlorine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if you need to adjust any chemical levels.

Professional Pool Care

Taking good care of your pool also means ensuring the mechanisms are all in good working order. For the very best pool care, it’s worth investing in All Florida Pool & Spa Center’s residential pool maintenance service. That way, you can always rest assured your pool is in great shape… and all you have to do is enjoy it!