Water So Clean, You Could Drink It – Miami Hot Tubs

The jets massage your body, relaxing tired and worn muscles. The steam opens and cleanses your pores. The heat melts away the tension, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed… But then, getting out, you can’t stomach the chemical smell, enough that you have to take a shower! Why would you do that when you can feel refreshed and clean getting out of a Sundance Spa?

In the past, enjoying a spa meant dealing with smelling like a chlorine afterwards with dry, irritated skin as a result of the additives needed to treat the water. But now, the leading spa manufacturers at Sundance have revolutionized the spa experience with a patented purification technique called Clear-Ray.

How Does Clear-Ray Work?

The system cleans your water of 99.9% of all bacteria by combining efficient, effective filtering, water purification, water circulation, and water skimming processes. With ultraviolet lighting, the bacteria are killed off before entering the tub. This leaves the water in your hot tub crystal clear, healthy, and chemical free.

Without the harmful chemicals and bacteria in the water, your body will experience a spa treatment like no other and feel clean and fresh afterwards. Not only will it benefit your body, but the operation of your spa as well. No constant maintenance and repairs will prove a peace of mind over the life of the machine.

With the ultra-clean water, you may even be tempted to take a sip during use. Please don’t! It may feel like sitting in a natural hot spring — but let the water relax the outside of your body, not in it. The reason the water might seem good enough to drink is the technology Sundance uses for its filtration system is the same used in drinking water.

Reward your skin while rejuvenating your tired muscles by enjoying the efficient Sundance Spas day after day. With clean, clear water, you’ll live with peace of mind, deeper purification, and much deserved relaxation.