The Value of Pool Cleaners in Miami


The easiest way to keep your pool water bright, clean, and ready for swimming in Miami is to invest in a high quality pool cleaner. Whether your pool cleaner is an automatic pool cleaner or a professional you have hired to help you, it is important to make sure that the job is being done properly. Fortunately for you, the pool cleaning experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center can help you find the best option for you and your swimming pool.

There are two different types of pool cleaners, suction cleaners and pressure cleaners. A suction cleaner is good for cleaning fine particles of dirt, small leaves, and twigs. These pool cleaners can be installed through the pool skimmer in about 15 minutes and do not require the use of any extra tools. Pressure cleaners, on the other hand, need to be installed on a dedicated line. They also need a booster pump in order to work efficiently and effectively in less time. A booster pump does require extra energy, but is it needed if you want your pressure cleaner to work optimally.

Here at All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we have several pool cleaner options for you to choose from. The Hayward Navigator, the Kreepy Krauly, the Kreepy Krauly Legend, and the White Pool Cleaner are only a few of the pool cleaners we have available. When you speak to our pool cleaning experts, they will ask you several questions about your pool, what kind of landscaping is around your swimming pool, and how often you use your pool. These questions will help them determine what type of pool cleaner is best suited to your needs.

Another option that you have for keeping your pool clean is to entrust your swimming pool to a professional pool cleaner. Our swimming pool maintenance professionals have access to the latest in pool cleaning technology, and perform a wide variety of tasks that will keep your pool looking spotless. With a residential or commercial pool maintenance program, you can be assured that your pool will be vacuumed, your filters and pumps will be cleaned, and your skimmer will be emptied. The repair services that we offer along with our pool maintenance packages are also advantageous to our customers.  Our technicians keep your pool pristine and clean while repairing, replacing, and upgrading your existing pool equipment. Our technicians also take the hassle out of adjusting chemicals and analyzing your pool water for you.

In the end, no matter which pool cleaning option you choose for your pool, the experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center will make sure that you have everything that you need. All pool cleaners are fragile and require maintenance for longevity and reliability. Our technicians have the knowledge to keep your pool cleaner up and running for years to come. Call us today at (305) 893-4036 to get your pool on the road to perfection.