Update Your Pool or Hot Tub

Does your pool show signs of age with cracks or stains? Does it look old and outdated? Does you pool equipment cost you more time and money than it should? It seems like you should get a pool or spa renovation and soon. All Florida Pool & Spa Center is a pool maintenance company located in Miami. We do pool renovations, pool remodeling, and provide other swimming pool services.

Our pool care remodelers will help modernize your pool or hot tub. We do our very best to provide quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and clean pools. We will transform your pool or spa into a place you will want to go into and relax. We will add enhancements that will give your pool or spa a more visually appealing look.

Some of the most common pool renovations you can expect All Florida Pool & Spa Center to perform on your swimming pool include:

Finishes: Our renovation team can give your pool an acid wash or a full resurfacing. We will help you select the appropriate finish for your pool, location, and lifestyle.

Tile: We can give your swimming pool or spa a fresh look with new tile patterns and colors. We have a variety of glass and mosaic tiles.

Coping: If you would like to have your old pool coping replaces, our skillful repairers can do that. You may also choose to just add a coping edge to your pool to create a dramatic difference between the water edge and the start of your decking. We use several different kinds of materials including marble.

Pool Decking: You can update your pool and backyard just by updating your pool decking. All Florida Pool & Spa Center has an array of decking options that compliment both your pool finish and tile. We specialize in pavers and tumbled marble patios.

Water Features: Some of the most popular water features that are added to a pool consists of waterfalls and fountains. There are a plethora of other water features you can choose to add to your pool or spa.

Other Pool Renovations: You may add a hot tub to your pool to give a more relaxing tone of lifestyle. When you add LED lights to your pool, it makes it a great place for late afternoon swimming. All Florida Pool & Spa Center also offers plenty of pool equipment you might want to add to your pool like automatic pool cleaners, salt chlorine generators, or pool heaters.

If you are satisfied with the updating All Florida Pool & Spa Center gave you (which we are sure you will love), then you may want to consider using our pool cleaning services as well. Our professional pool cleaners will ensure your pool or hot tub is clean, clear, and sanitized. We offer to vacuum your pool, clean the filters, inspect the pump operation, skim leaves and debris from water surface, and other pool services.

For more information about All Florida Pool & Spa Center or to get a free estimate on a pool or hot tub installation, call us at (305) 893-4036. You can visit our 7,000 square foot showroom at our North Miami location.