Unique Types of Hot Tubs in West Palm Beach

There are various brands of hot tubs and swim spas available for consumers to purchase.  Not only are there different brands, there are various models and styles that can be obtained.  Whether you are seeking hot tubs West Palm Beach for the inside of your home, your backyard or even on a yacht, there are many unique types of hot tubs that are very different from the traditional hot tub mold. Learn more about the many different shapes and sizes of these hot tubs that are available.


Wood Burning Hot Tub

A wood burning hot tub is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than using an exorbitant amount of electricity to keep the water warm and comfortable, a wood burning hot top uses wood! They come with a ‘stove’ like feature where you can place dry wood, and let it burn. There’s something relaxing about sitting in gently heated water and hearing the crackle of wood as it burns. Also, Hot tubs in West Palm Beach that use wood for heat, provide good temperature control – once the water is warm enough, simply cut off the airflow to the fire and let it die out naturally.

Floating Hot Tubs

Navigate lakes, oceans or even your local river with a floating hot tub. Floating hot tubs, also called a jacuzzi boat, can run on a motor that can be gas or electric.  Some floating hot tubs can also operate with a wood burning stove on board.  These small floating tubs can fit up to 6 people.  It can be interesting navigating down the river or lake while sitting in a pool of water. It may seem that the craft is sinking, however, these floating hot tubs are specifically crafted in a way to hold water.

Yacht Hot Tubs

Hot tubs in West Palm Beach don’t have to necessarily be in a garden or backyard. It is also possible to have hot tubs that are installed on boats and yachts. They can be controlled, driven and taken out into the water. Sit among the bubbles while listening to the gentle lap of water around you. It’s additionally possible to install hot tubs into yachts and turn your boat into a more aqua-therapeutic space and get to enjoy the water without venturing out of the safety of your boat.

Due to these unique types of hot tub designs and styles, routine hot tub maintenance can be a challenge.  It would be best to seek out hot tub repair professionals, like All Florida Pool & Spa Center, who can fix problems that may arise with these styles and brands of hot tubs. Professionals can order the special and unique parts that may be needed, and will have the right tools and knowledge of your unique brand of hot tub.