Types of Pool Safety Renovations When Remodeling Your Pool

When you’re remodeling your pool, you may want to consider adding some extra safety features. It’s tragically common for young children to be injured or killed by falling into swimming pools, and even if you don’t have children, it’s a good idea to add protective measures to keep neighbors’ kids and pets away. These helpful pool safety renovations can help keep your pool secure, safe, and childproof.

Pool Fencing

A truly secure fence can go a long way toward keeping your pool safe. It’s important for your pool fencing to be secure and free of places where children or pets could climb over or under it. Fences should be at least four feet high, preferably with door alarms installed on them. The door or gate should also have a self-latching or self-locking mechanism. Adding secure fencing is a good idea for pool safety renovations, and secure fencing is available in a variety of attractive designs that will blend will with your home’s architecture and decor.

Safety Covers & Mesh

Safety covers and mesh are also things you can add during pool safety renovations for an extra level of childproofing and security. They also protect your pool from the outdoor elements, keeping it clean and free of debris when it’s not in use. Either a solid cover or a mesh cover will work. The advantage of mesh is that it lets rainwater and smaller particles through, preventing the cover from being weighed down with accumulated precipitation or debris.

Safety Vacuums

Another safety measure you can add to your backyard pool is a safety vacuum release system. These self-monitoring systems can be installed quickly, and can reduce the risk of accidental drowning. Their job is to stop the pool pump’s suction, so that if a person is trapped against the suction outlet, they’ll be freed automatically. It does this by either powering down the motor, or inducting air into the pump. Mechanical safety vacuums will reset the pump after the entrapment issue is resolved.

Pool Shut-Off Systems

Pool shut-off systems are a type of electrical safety vacuum release system. In case of entrapment, it will shut off the pump completely, stopping the suction and allowing the trapped person to break free. Some of these systems restart the pump automatically after the entrapment is resolved, while others require you to reset it manually. Like mechanical safety vacuum release systems, a pool shut off system can help prevent accidental drowning and entrapment by the pool pump’s suction.

At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, safety is a major concern for us. We educate all our customers about how to keep their backyard pools and spas safe for pets and children. If you’re planning to remodel your pool, we recommend pool safety renovations like secure fences, safety covers, and pool shut-off systems to keep your pool as safe as possible.