Tips for Pool Cleaning in Miami

When it comes to pool cleaning, Miami homeowners are advised to adhere to best practices for cleaning to ensure they can continue to enjoy their swimming pools in a responsible manner. After all, it’s no news that even if the water in your pool is the clearest blue, if the pool hasn’t been properly cleaned, it could be contaminated and pose a serious health risk. So to ensure your relaxation time is healthy, adhere to the following.

Tips for pool cleaning:

  • Reduce the vegetation around your pool by trimming back shrubs and trees. This will minimize the amount of debris falling into your pool.
  • Every day before using the pool, use the pool leaf net to remove any leaves, flowers, insects or other debris from the surface of the water. Also inspect the pump trap basket to see if there’s a build-up of debris. If there is, remove the debris and rinse the basket before putting it back.
  • Clean the lint pot every week. To do this, first turn off the pump, then remove any hair or lint stuck in the pot. Rinse it and put it back.
  • Vacuum your pool on a weekly basis. This will take approximately 30 minutes for most pools. Cover the entire area by slowly moving the vacuum across the bottom of the pool in a push-pull motion.
  • Remove algae build-up on the tiles on the sides of the pool by attaching a nylon brush to the vacuum and gently brushing off the green sediment.
  • Test the water in the pool. Using test strips from a pool supply store, test the pH and chlorine levels. Follow the instructions on the package and add muriatic acid or chlorine to the water to bring the elements up to recommended levels.
  • Clean the filter by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Be careful when removing it to avoid damaging it and having to pay for a costly replacement.

If you don’t have time to clean your pool each week, you’re best advised to hire a professional pool service like All Florida Pool and Spa to do it for you. That way, you can be sure that your pool is safe to enjoy whenever you or your family want to take a cool dip.