Time to Winterize Your Pool

One of the perks of living in Miami is the great year-round weather. But while the temperature rarely ever gets close to freezing levels during winter, there are times when cold fronts and lower humidity can affect the cleanliness of your pool. Keeping your pool clean and well-maintained is always a priority. However, when the weather starts to get cooler, most people use their pools less frequently.  It’s only human nature for some pool owners to get a little lazy when it comes to the pool maintenance. It’s important to remember the less you need your pool, the more it needs you.

Water given the right amount of time and properties will dissolve just about anything. When the water is cold, it has more corrosive tendencies and will damage your plaster or Diamondbrite. It’s important to make sure the pool water is properly balanced. You may need to invest more on pool chemicals during this time of the year. While this may be a little bit of an inconvenience to your wallet, it’ll will make your pool surface and equipment last longer.

If you’re not using your pool much during the winter, you may want to invest in a pool heater. This can also provide more motivation to maintain your pool. By using a gas pool heater or a pool heat pump, you can make much more use of your pool.  Some people choose to use solar blankets to prevent water evaporation. Solar blankets will raise the pool temperature 10 degrees, the only downside is in the handling as they are bulky. Solar cover reel make this winter choir an easy one.   Evaporation is caused by the greater the difference between air temperature and water temperature, plus the more wind you have blowing over your pool, this will also increase evaporation. Pool owners need to maintain water level at the middle of the tile to avoid issues with their skimmer and other equipment.

Don’t get complacent during winter. Just because the weather gets a little cooler doesn’t mean you should forget about proper maintenance. The experts at All Florida Pool & Spa have all the equipment you need to keep your pool clean and warm.  They have the experience and expertise to help people in Miami with all their pool needs.  Make sure your pool is functioning at an optimal level. Call today!