When is the Best Time to Resurface Your Pool?

Having a swimming pool right in your backyard can be really awesome. You can have friends come over for a swim whenever you want. You can do a pool party for your child’s birthday. You have access to your pool 24/7 and living in South Florida makes having a pool even better since most of the time, the weather in South Florida is hot and humid. You can use your pool over and over again whenever you want. As time progress, you may notice that your pool’s surface is losing color and the edges are falling. That means your pool needs to be resurfaced.

The process of resurfacing a pool can be rigid. It is basically applying a new coat on top of the existing pool bottom. You need to resurface your pool when you see a great deal of damage on the pool’s bottom and walls. The best material to use when resurfacing a pool is Portland cement and vermiculite. Normally, you need about 2-3 coats of that pool base. After the coat is poured, it has to be smooth and dry before the water can be added. After that’s done, the pool is ready to get into again.

If you notice that your pool is losing color or parts of it are falling apart, you can call All Florida Pool & Spa Center to resurface it. All Florida Pool & Spa Center has been maintaining and repairing South Florida pools for over 40 years. We work on commercial and residential swimming pools. Call us at (305) 893-4036. We want to help you keep your pool enjoyable and looking good for more time to come.