The Big Green Egg: A Grilling Miracle

With the holidays just around the corner, there are lots of meals to plan! But no fear, the Big Green Egg is here! Shake up your thanksgiving routine with a barbecue-style meal that everyone will love. Outdoor cooking is made easy with the Big Green Egg.

Cooking With A Big Green Egg

Shake things up this holiday season with the latest miracle in grill technology. The Big Green Egg is an oven, smoker, and a grill. The ideal trio to perfect any dish. Entertaining your family and friends is now easier than ever. Why? They are bound to fall in love with your food! Whether you like to grill, bake, or slow-cook, the Big Green Egg gives the best results every time.


If your family loves perfectly seared steaks, grilling with the Big Green Egg is the way to go. With the Big Green Egg, “steak house” grilling is made easy. Grilling at temperatures as high as 750º F / 400º C is made possible with the accurate temperature control. If your family likes fish and seafood, grilling with a more moderate temperature will guarantee a tender, moist result.


Not only does the Big Green Egg make grilling a breeze, you can also bake using the indirect cooking method! This holiday season, baking casseroles and cobblers is made simple. Because this device retains heat and moisture so well, food never gets dried out. Your family will love poultry, lamb, beef, and veggies cooked in the Big Green Egg because the flavors and juices stay locked inside. Baking made easy!


Who doesn’t love succulent slow cooked meats? With the Big Green Egg, you’re able to control the temperature precisely. Therefore the perfect low heat temperature will result flavorful dishes. Cook your turkeys perfectly this holiday season. If your family is tired of turkey, try slow cooking lamb, ribs, or chicken instead. The Big Green Egg does it all.

Which Size is Best For You?

There are five unique sizes of the Big Green Egg. Discover which size best suits your family and your lifestyle.

It’s time to start planning your holiday meals. Shake things up with the latest technology in grilling. Your family will look forward to dinners at your home year after year with the Big Green Egg. To learn more about the Big Green Egg, and to browse grilling accessories, click here.