List of Swimming Pool Service and Repair Checks to Keep Your Pool Trouble Free

Keeping your pool in tip top condition is going to be a key determining factor in making your summer as fun as possible. You do not want to go through major swimming pool service and repair problems, especially when there are preventative measures you can easily take. By following some simple guidelines and scheduling regular service check ups you can definitely cut down on the chances of any last minute pool malfunctions. Below are some tips to help you with what you can expect.

Pool Pump Repair

Without a working pump, your pool might as well be dead. You should periodically check on the life of your pump by scheduling a routine swimming pool service mechanic to give you the thumbs up. Of course, this is more important during months of peak usage. Ways you can cut down on the amount of repairs to your pump is by keeping a clean pool by regularly clearing your pool of dirt and debris.

Pool Plaster Repair

Do you feel like the surface of your pool is experiencing unwanted cracks or weathering from overuse? You should consider looking into the overall status of your plaster and consider the last time you put time into the restoration or repair of your swimming pool’s bottom. While many companies from mom and pop shops to chain retailers will quote your various degrees of repair costs, but you must make sure you get a quote you are happy with from a company you can trust. You can also take preventative measures to expand the lifespan of your plaster by cleaning it more regularly with a softer brush. Using those copper bristles is effective but will destroy your pool’s surface.

Pool Resurfacing

Perhaps, you have never thought about the actual materials lining the surface of your pool. If it is time to re-coat your pool’s surface make sure you consider the opportunity to option out the various floor materials available to you. Tile, fiberglass, and standard plaster are just a few of the selections available to you among many others. Before you begin your swimming pool service and repair make sure you look into the maintenance of each one specifically as they all require various methods of upkeep.

Swimming Pool Leak Repair

Consider what even the most tiny leak can do to your water bill. Over time you will find yourself filling up your pool more and more due to even the most miniscule of cracks. If you have identified this in your own pool, contact your regular swimming pool service and repair specialist to immediately take care of this so it does not progress to a larger issue.

As always, you should have you a great working relationship with your repair specialist/pool mechanics. Going with the stellar reputation of All Florida Pool & Spa Center will save you so much time and money. They have an incredible staff on hand who are more than willing to work with any situation big or small.