Common Types of Swimming Pool Repair Services

Over time, people have heavily relied on swimming pool repair kits to maintain & fix their pools. Some swimming pool repair kits contains a pump, clean water filter, and motor. The problem with a repair kit however, it can’t directly repair a leak, a crack or a pools heating system. Due to these setbacks, a professional swimming pool repair service is highly recommended. Implementing a pool repair services has a higher guarantee of a long-lasting pool which saves you money and the trouble of constantly worrying about damages.

Types of Pool Repairs

Swimming pools have problems that constantly require maintenance and repair. Leaks are the most common pool repairs and can cause damage on the surfaces around the pool due to escaped moisture. With technologies such as hydrogen testing and thermal imaging, this can be detected early. Liner replacement is another pool repair. The vinyl liners are prone to wear and tear fast. Eventually new vinyl pool liners will need to be designed after pool dimensions have been taken.

There is also the highly effective regular acid wash. Swimming pools are prone to acquire algae and mold if they have been sitting for an extended period. A diluted acid solution is used to corrode and bleach out the stain to give instant results. Finally, there is the pump repair which is inevitable and occasionally in need of repair such as bearings replacement, gasket replacement and oil change.  The water pump technically keeps pool water clean and fresh by passing it through the filter hence it needs regular repair.

Advantages of Hiring Expert Pool Repair Techs

With their skills, manpower and expertise, the swimming pool repair service professionals assure you of a relaxed stress free time. They will do the chores and deal with important elements such as PH, alkalinity of water and the chemical balance in the water on your behalf. In addition, they will ensure that equipment such as the pump is working properly. They are also trained to detect problems like leaks early so as to proactively address them. With the regular maintenance and the advice on dos and don’ts, you are assured to save costs.

Professional Swimming Pool Repair Service

All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers services to both commercial and residual swimming pools from Monday through to Saturday. With over 70 highly trained experts to ensure your pool is clear, clean and ready we perform many tasks for maximum efficiency. These services include; cleaning skimmer and pump baskets inspect operation and backwash filter, vacuum pool, adding chemicals to ensure proper balance in the pool, testing ph., chlorine and alkalinity levels and skimming leaves and debris from the water surface.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers excellent services and gives the best pool and spa products. We have the pool service guarantee, clear pool guarantee and repair assistance guarantee that are in place for customers who are not satisfied. You can also call should you have any repair as it is considered a top priority.