Quick Guide to Swimming Pool Coping Repair

The term “coping” refers to the material that is seen capping the wall of your swimming pool. Coping repair is something to consider for pools that have gone through changes due to overuse and weathering over a prolonged period of time. By noticing the cracks and fading along the top of your pool you can better prepare for a pool maintenance opportunity that is surely around the corner. The following is what you can expect from swimming pool coping repair.

Your Pool Concrete Coping Damaged?

The concrete coping that sits atop your pool wall serves a functional purpose as well as a cosmetic one. It will be clear to you and others once this becomes damaged because you will start noticing cracks and loosening of otherwise solid materials around the perimeter of the “deck”. Simply running a visual scan or feeling for a crumbling surface will alert you to your next steps. Determining the severity of the damage might need to be done by a reputable swimming pool repair specialist.

Tools for Pool Coping Replacement

If this sounds like an undertaking you would rather do on your own then you are going to need to the right tools. A Masonry hammer, chisel, and trowel are a must along with a baby sledgehammer for power. Caulking is going to require gloves and of course you should always be wearing goggles. Finally, you will want to commandeer some waterproof tile grout and thinset mortar mix. Most of this can be found at your local hardware store or anywhere that pool and spa repair supplies are sold.

Swimming Pool Coping Repair Steps

Here are some light steps you should follow for do-it-yourself swimming pool coping repair. Assess your situation and make sure that you do not have too many cracked tiles in a row as it could be indicative of a greater issue. Bang out the problem tiles with your baby sledgehammer in order to make way for the new materials. Since it was the older mortar that was causing the issue to begin with, clean that out as soon as you have an opening. Finally, set the new tile in with your waterproof mortar and overlay the new tile over the appropriate areas.

Types of Inground Pool Coping

Be sure to make note of your own pool’s coping as there are basically four different types to consider. Paver and Travertine coping are the most common and most represent the type of tile coping that you would see in most consumer swimming pools. Concrete coping is self explanatory and is easily identified as such. Natural stone coping is a little nicer and often found in more modern swimming pools.

Doing your own swimming pool coping repair might seem like a daunting task. If so, you should really contact one of the amazing specialists eager to help at All Florida Pool & Spa Center. The work they put into crafting each pool renovation is always done with the care you deserve.