Staying Safe Outside of the Pool

All Florida Pool & Spa Center carries a wide variety of safety equipment to ensure that every backyard pool owner is able to enjoy a swim without worry. However, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment any pool owner can have isn’t something you’ll find at a pool cleaning store in Miami. We’re talking, of course, about sunscreen. The sun in Miami can be devastatingly hot and protecting yourself and your family from the harmful rays should be just as important as taking precautions against drowning. Sun screen works wonders preventing sun burns in the short term and they can help your skin look healthier as you age.

Spend more than a few minutes outside and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Children are especially vulnerable to sunburn as they have no problem playing outside all day long, especially if their home has a swimming pool in Miami. Skin cancer rates are on the rise not just in Florida, but across the country as well and all signs point to sunscreen as being the most effective way to prevent skin cancer from developing. Sunscreen can even help prevent sun spots and other skin discolorations as people age. It’s particularly important for those on certain medications to wear sunscreen as some can make skin extra susceptible to burning.

Many claim that spending time in the sun is a valuable source of Vitamin D, which is true, but those with a balanced diet who spend even 5 or ten minutes in the sun everyday are probably getting more than their daily need for Vitamin D. Many are quick to purchase sunscreen with a higher SPF, but a higher number doesn’t necessarily mean better protection. SPF refers to the time it would take someone to burn without sunscreen on. SPF 45 prevents 98% of UV rays from reaching the skin, compared to 94% for SPF 15. The SPF number is not as relevant as people think so long as they remember to reapply after a couple hours in the sun.

Helping the citizens of Miami enjoy their swimming pools is a top priority at All Florida Pool & Spa Center. The experienced technicians and friendly staff are knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to pool cleaning, hot tub sales or accessories. Anyone with a pool that could use a makeover, no matter how big a project, should get in touch with the swimming pool experts in Miami at All Florida Pool & Spa Center.