Have You Looked into a Solar Pool Cover?

There’s a dedicated movement towards going green these days, and many pool owners in Miami are jumping on board. Many look into options like solar panels or wind power but they often find that outfitting your home with such equipment can be an expensive proposition. There are far easier ways to go green than spending thousands of dollars, particularly for those who own a swimming pool in Miami. A solar pool cover is a great way to keep your pool at a constant temperature without needing your electric heater running all the time. Solar covers are often suggested by the professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center because of their many benefits in saving you time and money.

The first advantage to a solar cover is the fact that it’s a cover, meaning it keeps your pool water clean from the various debris that can blow into a pool. Leaves, grass, branches and even critters can all find their way into an uncovered pool and that means you’ll be outside with a skimmer multiple times per week.

What makes a solar cover unique from a regular cover is that is essentially a solar blanket for your pool. There are a wide variety of solar covers for pools in Miami depending on the size, shape and location of a pool. A solar cover works to prevent evaporation, which is where the majority of heat loss occurs. A solar cover is a large piece of plastic with insulating bubbles built into it which lays across the surface of the pool. This prevents evaporation and can save homeowners nearly 70% on their monthly pool maintenance costs. Solar covers are far cheaper than installing something like a solar panel to power your pool so many people choose them as an alternative.

Solar covers are less durable than their vinyl or mesh counterparts but they do provide far more insulation. Swimming pools in places such as Miami, FL can really be helpful as the hot sun can cause significant evaporation in pools. At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we encourage customers to do everything possible to make their pool more energy efficient as it can pay real dividends when you pay your monthly utility bills. Contact All Florida Pool & Spa Center today for more information about pool covers in Miami.