Seeking Quality Hot Tub Spa Repair Services in Miami?

Having a sparkling new hot tub is a great way to elevate the look and features of your entire home and is a wonderful luxury while it lasts. A hot tub is a place to relax and pamper yourself and a place where you can get ‘me time’. When it looks the part, that only helps to make that even more enjoyable. The only problem is that sparkling new tubs don’t tend to stay that way very long. That first crack in your hot tub can be devastating for instance but fortunately, hot tub spa repair services is exactly what you need to keep your hot tub or spa functioning efficiently.

Acrylic Hot Tub Crack Repairs

The first way to go about hot tub spa repair services in regards to acrylic hot tub crack repair is to get yourself a soft sanding block, a water proof marine epoxy, a set of rubber gloves, a fiberglass mesh, a flashlight, a bowl, a drill and a pair of scissors. Remove the tub and lay it on its side. Drill a hole at either end of the crack in order to prevent the crack growing further.

Then use the pieces of fiberglass mesh and cut them to be slightly larger than the crack. The pieces should get gradually larger and you’re then going to mix up the epoxy in a bowl. Paste this epoxy between each layer of mesh. Once it is dried, you can sand it off and your bath should operate as normal! These steps are very difficult for the individual person, therefore, hot tub spa repair services can be delivered by specialists such as All Florida Pool & Spa Center.

Repairing Blisters on a Hot Tub

Sometimes acrylic hot tub crack repair is not the answer. For instance, if your hot tub blisters, then you need to use another method to try and solve the issue. One such method is called ‘poke and roll-out’, which involves heating the area with a heat gun until a small hole can be made in the top of the surface and the fluid can be drained out. From here, you can hopefully flatten the blister. Speak with hot tub spa repair services experts to find out if you have hot tub blisters.

Repairing Hot Tub Holes

Repairing a hole in a hot tub can be carried out in much the same way as you would handle acrylic hot tub crack repair and other hot tub spa repair services. The only difference is that depending on the size of the whole, you may wish to use a piece of acrylic in order to fit the gap. Try speaking with the hot tub’s original manufacturers in this case, or your local hot tub spa repair services provider, like All Florida Pool & Spa Center.

Hot Tub Spa Repair Services – Hot Tub Refinishing

Sometimes a hot tub can simply start to lose its luster, even if it isn’t actually cracked or damaged. Scrubbing with different products, replacing the mastic and sanding down rough edges can all help to solve these problems – but it might not be enough.

In that case, you can get in touch with a bathroom repairs specialist like All Florida Pool and Spa Center and let us take care of the work for you! We can remove grime, fix holes, fill cracks and pop blisters and ultimately leave your tub looking as good as new. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a date to come round and get to work!