What about Salt Chlorination in swimming pools in Miami?

The staff at All Florida Pool & Spa Center often get asked questions from Miami homeowners about their pool service. One of the most common questions we get is about the advantage of salt chlorinated pools.  Over the  past few years there has been a large jump in the number of salt chlorinated pools because of the many advantages. All Florida Pool and Spa Center recommends these types of systems because the quality of water is far greater than a normally chlorinated pool. Plus it maintains a constant sanitizer lever simply by maintaining the correct salt levels in the pool and proper circulation.

This is how the salt chlorine generator works.  A new piece of equipment is added, a cell  to the plumbing line,  and a power supply to the wall. Simply add salt manually to the pool and as the salted water passes thru the cell, it converts the sodium into chlorine.  Since it is constantly making chlorine the levels tend to stay the same.  There are many advantages of a salt generating system. One of the more noticeable advantages is how the  water feels softer and silkier.  You can open your eyes under water and No more irritated eyes.

Some may be concerned that  salt water is more corrosive than regular pool water, but that’s not true with a salt generating system.  While that may be true for ocean water, which is 40,000 parts per millions salt, the salt generating system only require 2800 to 4000ppm salt level to operate efficiently.  The later would be comparable to the salinity level of a tear drop, hence the comfort levels are more compatible with our natural body chemistry.

If you have any questions about salt chlorine generating systems, give the pool care experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center a call today. With a dedicated team of pool repair professionals, All Florida Pool & Spa Center can handle any size cleaning , repair or pool remodeling project in Miami. All Florida Pool & Spa Center is a family owned and operated business so you know you’re getting the service and support you deserve.