Rejuvenating an Old Pool in Miami

When it comes to buying a house in South Florida, people are obviously going to value features like a large kitchen or recently remodeled bathroom. Another feature of the Florida home which can add to the curb appeal is a well-kept pool. There are plenty of properties in Florida that sit on the market for months or even years. Unless the seller is having the pool regularly maintained, a pool can quickly fall into decline. When the water is not treated and filtered regularly it will start to turn green and can even turn into the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other critters.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center is Miami’s best pool service and cleaning company. Those who purchase a home with a pool in disarray should call All Florida Pool & Spa. In some cases, rejuvenating a pool is the simple process of draining the water, giving the walls a quick scrub, then filling it back up again. Other times however, a neglected pool needs a full overhaul in order for it to look like new again. All Florida Pool & Spa Center can not only drain, clean and refill your pool, but we can also do a complete resurfacing, install new tile, replace old coping and install new decking around the pool. Check out the Recent Projects section of our website for some examples of the beautiful craftsmanship done by All Florida Pool & Spa Center. When it comes to pools and spas in Miami, you have a lot more options than you think. A professional pool maintenance company can help you restore your residential or commercial pool into something you can be proud of.

Whether you need pool cleaning or pool repair in Miami, All Florida Pool & Spa Center has you covered. With years of experience serving the people South Florida, All Florida Pool & Spa has the knowledge and expertise to rejuvenate even the most neglected pool or spa. Pool remodeling in Miami doesn’t need to be a huge headache. Trust your swimming pool renovations to a company with a sterling reputation for quality and service, All Florida Pool & Spa Center.