Proper Pool Maintenance in Miami


When it comes to proper pool maintenance, Miami residents need to dedicate a little time and effort to the upkeep of their outdoor swimming pools in order to enjoy a dip in the cool blue water. What follows are some tips on pool maintenance in Miami:

  • Trim back nearby shrubs and trees that can shed leaves, flowers and pollen into your pool. You can also replace the vegetation with hardscaping such as flagstones, brick paths or wooden decks.
  • Every day, skim any debris such as leaves and bugs from the surface of your pool and check the pump trap basket for debris.
  • Set a couple of hours aside each week for an in-depth cleaning. Vacuum the pool by pushing and pulling the vacuum across the bottom of the pool slowly, covering it in a repetitive pattern. For most pools, 30 minutes should be sufficient for this step.
  • If there’s any algae on the sides of the pool—you can tell by checking for green, slimy buildup—attach a nylon brush to the vacuum pole and brush it off.
  • Use test strips from a pool supply store to test the water in the pool. These strips should show at a minimum the levels of pH and chlorine in the pool. Always follow the instructions on the package, but in general, you should submerge the strip in water for approximately 10 seconds; then compare the color for each element against the recommended levels. If the pH reading is high, add muriatic acid. If it’s low, add soda ash. If the chlorine reading is low, dissolve chlorine in a container of water and add it to the pool.
  • Redirect the water flow to backwash in order to clean the filter. Clean the filter bag or cartridge by emptying it, hosing it off and reinserting.
  • Shut off the pumping system in order to clean the pump’s lint catcher. Remove the basket, empty it and rinse it before reinserting and turning the pump back on.


Remember: in warm, humid climates like Miami’s, regular pool maintenance is a great way to keep your swimming pool hygienic, cost-effective and enjoyable for the long term.  If you need help maintaining your pool, call All Florida Pool and Spa today!