Preventing a Dirty Pool

There are multiple bacteria and detrimental items that can cause a pool to get very dirty. These unsafe substances should be eliminated from public and private pools. They include:

Feces: If there is formed-feces or diarrheal fecal in the pool, everyone in the pool must immediately get out of the pool. The pool should remain closed until the feces is completely removed from the pool and the bacteria in the pool is disinfected with new chlorine. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2010, there was nearly one out of eight pools that were seriously threatened by feces and resulted in pool closure.

Recreation water illnesses (RMIs): These are germs that spread in the pool or spa waters that are contaminated with fecal matter. RWIs are caused when people swallow contaminated water. RWIs are killed with Chlorine. Showering with soap before getting into a pool or spa can prevent the risk of contaminating it with a kind of feces.

Bacteria known as E. Coli: This is one of the most common RMIs that can infect a pool or hot tub spa. No one should be in the pools and spas for about a minute. This will allow for the newly added chlorine to disinfect the pool of the E.Coli bacteria.

Cryptosporidium (“Crypto”): This is a parasite that causes diarrhea. It requires new chlorinate water to sit for at least 15,300 minutes (equivalent to about 10.6 days). That means that absolutely no one should be in the pools and spas for 10 to 11 days until the chlorine has done its job of disinfecting the water of the bacteria. Following good hygiene can help prevent Crypto.

Giardia: This is another parasite that is caused by diarrhea. Pools with Giardia need a germ inactivation time of about 45 minutes to get good chlorinated water and for it to be safe again to get into the pool or hot tub.

Urine: Unfortunately, it is very common for people to admit to peeing in pools or hot tubs. A survey was conducted by the Water Quality and Health Council in 2009 and the survey showed that one in five Americans say that they urinate in pools. Here’s a shocking reality: nearly 100% of all elite competitive swimmers admit to peeing in pools regularly. This is not a funny matter. It is disgusting and supremely unhealthy due to the fact that urine interferes with the chlorine in water, leaving a higher possibility for germs and bacteria to move about and around the pool and spa.

High-concentration Chlorine By-Products: If you smell a strong odor of chlorine at a pool or hot tub that could indicate a maintenance issue. A well-chlorinated pool should not have a powerful chlorine odor. That could mean that the pool or spa has a pH imbalance. Pools with high-concentrated Chlorine by-products can irritate the lungs and skins of those in the pool. It can also increase the chances of allergies, bladder and liver cancer, or asthma.

Pool water is meant to be clean and clear, not green, murky, or dark. The pool cleaners at All Florida Pool & Spa Center in North Miami know how to clean and maintain your pool. We offer swimming pool services such as swimming pool renovation, pool repairs like motor replacements, filter repairs, light repairs, leak detection, plumbing repairs, and more. We clean your drains and install pool heaters, too. Call us today!