Prep Your Hot Tub for a Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and All Florida Pool and Spa is ready to help you celebrate it! This year, the big day is on a weekday, so many of us will be spending it at home with our significant others. However, celebrating at home doesn’t have to be boring. Try these tips and tricks to make your backyard the hottest spot for a Valentine’s date.

1. Make it an Experience
There’s nothing better than a relaxing experience on this special day. Treat your significant other to a spa night. Bring out the plush robes and towels that everyone dreams of! Have a bottle and two glasses of your favorite spirit ready to be enjoyed.

3. Set the Atmosphere
Set the tune with lighting. You can never go wrong with flickering candles, lanterns, or even Christmas lights to give you a dim lit evening. If planning with candles and lights seems like too much of a hassle, don’t worry about it- try an evening under the stars.

4. Valentine’s Playlist
Music is a key factor in the most romantic night of the year. The selection should be thoughtful, you want something that will provoke a smile. What song did you dance at your wedding? What is his or her favorite song right now? Try bringing back songs from when you first met, classic oldies can bring back great memories and ignite conversation.

5. Aromatherapy
This is a great time to use essential oils or scent crystals. Research is important for this step in the preparation. Scents can be used to capture the feeling you want. Whether that feeling be relaxation, balance your moods, stress and anxiety relief- and so much more- it can be achieved. Make sure the essential oils do not have carrier oils in them, as that may cause your filter to clog.

6. Food
If you ask us, no date is complete without food. Make sure to stop by your local supermarket and pick up some fresh fruits, an assortment of hams and cheeses, or a light dinner of your preference.

All Florida Pool and Spa wishes you a marvelous Valentine’s Day next to those who you love the most. We hope these tips can help you achieve the perfect date. See you soon!