Valuable Pool Service Safety Advice that will Save Your Childs Life

Each year about 300 children under five die in pool and spa related accidents. Many more are hospitalized according to the Consumer Product Commission.  This should motivate parents with children and anyone involved in caring for children to know about pool and spa safety. These deaths and injuries are preventable.  Pool owners seeking pool service in Miami need to recognize whether they are doing all they can to not only protect their investment, but also, protect their families.  The following measures work best when they are used together as a complete plan, rather than just one or two steps.


The plan includes barriers, covers, alarms, and safety drain covers. It also requires active involvement such as supervision, swimming lessons and learning CPR.

Pool Barrier Safety Fence:

A barrier is a fence, wall, or gate that restricts access for young children. Many commercial buildings and condominium units in Florida with inground pools implement pool service Miami specialist to setup pool barriers, as it’s a requirement not only in the state but also for insurance purposes.  An effective one requires that a child under five cannot get over, under, or through. They should be four feet or higher without foot holds or hand holds that a child could use to climb.

Any vertical slats should be less than four inches apart to prevent kids from squeezing through. A chain linked fence should have holes no larger than 1 ¾ inches wide, and ground clearance should not exceed four inches. With above ground pools movable stairs can be removed when not in use. Fixed stairs should be locked or surrounded with a barrier.

Pool Covers for Prevent Unsupervised Use

Pool and spa covers can be locked to insure that they are not used without supervision. Pool and spa covers should be strong enough to hold a child who doesn’t know not to climb on them. Some are hand cranked or they can be automatic.

Detection Solutions:  Pool Alarms

Many types of alarms are available as a detection as well as safety precaution technique. Door alarms can be used if a pool is attached to a home to alert you when someone tries to access the pool area. Gate alarms and floating alarms are two other types. A floating alarm alerts you when water is displaced as someone enters the pool. An alarm should be loud; at least 85 decibels from 10 feet away, and it should sound different than any other alarm in the house.

Safety Tip: Don’t Allow Children to Play Near Drain Covers

Safe drain covers are designed to prevent swim straps, jewelry or hair from getting tangled in them. They also prevent suction from trapping a person under water. Public pools and spas are required by law to have them.

These are great steps to have in place at all times to prevent accidents, but they will not take the place of supervision and training.

Pool Service Miami Specialists

All of these steps are important to a safety plan. By putting all of these procedures in place you have a plan that is both active and comprehensive. You may even be inspired to teach others what you have learned and encourage them to embrace pool and spa safety as well. They are proven methods that save lives.