Pool Service in Miami Beach: The Importance of Shock

Though pool service in Miami Beach is aimed to cover pools of all shapes and sizes, all pools face one common enemy: algae. Algae may be small and presumably nonthreatening, but they can transform your pool from a prized possession to a pit full of germs. They’ll even ruin your pool’s typically bright aqua allure by turning it green, scaring away any guests from diving in. No matter which way you slice it, algae in your pool is no good and needs to be eliminated before your pool becomes a giant algae colony. What can you possibly do to stop it?

Well, All Florida Pool & Spa is here to tell you about the importance of shock, which can super chlorinate your pool to rid it of algae and keep water in your pool free from contamination. Shock is one of the many pool services in Miami Beach offered by All Florida Pool & Spa Center, and we can’t recommend it enough. If you’re interested in having shock in your pool, then we’re happy to tell you why it’s investment you should definitely make.

 Why is Shock So Important for Pool Service in Miami Beach?

Shock will super chlorinate your pool water so your pool is safe and sanitary for all members of your household: Here it’s a can’t-miss part of pool service in Miami Beach:

  • A Nice Looking Pool Free of Germs: When you have guests over for a pool party, algae can be a real party crasher. Of course, you don’t want a dirty pool that will keep the guests away and with shock, algae won’t a cause for concern. When you enlist All Florida Pool & Spa to shock your pool, you’re guaranteed to have a pool that’s ready for your next summertime bash.
  • A Safer Pool for the Whole Family: Though shock involves a hefty amount of chlorine, it ultimately makes your pool a safer swim space, especially for children. The safety of you, your family, and friends should be top priority when it comes to pool service, and shock play an important role in keep your pool a safe and sanitary space for everyone.
  • Balanced Free Chlorine Levels: If you notice the chlorine level in your pool is down to zero, then shock will help restore a balanced free chlorine level to keep the chemical makeup of your pool consistent. An unbalance chemical level can be detriment to overall quality of your pool water. Shock will not only restore your free chlorine level, but also keep your pool safe to swim.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa Center today for pool service in Miami Beach, especially if you’re interested in shocking your pool to get rid of algae for good!