When Should You Call for Pool Resurfacing in Miami?

Are you noticing your pool’s surface is crumbling by the second? Well, if true, it’s indicative you need pool resurfacing in Miami immediately. Upholding a nice, eye-catching look with your pool is everything, and part of that is making sure your pool’s surface looks smooth enough to swim on. Like any other form of home upkeep, if you wait too long to receive service, your pool’s surface will only grow worse and keep any pool party guests far, far away from taking a swim.

When you need high-quality pool resurfacing in Miami, you should call All Florida Pool & Spa today. Our team of pool experts can provide you with resurfacing that will give your pool a bold new look and feel.  We can work with you in making sure you’re getting a resurfacing that matches up with your stylistic preferences. When you work with All Florida Pool & Spa, we can single-handedly enhance your pool experience with resurfacing that can speak to the overall aesthetic of your pool!

Common Indicators You Need Pool Resurfacing

Not sure when to call for service? Well, if any of the following indicators can be applied to the current state of your pool’s surface, give us a call immediately:

  1. Rough Surfacing: Are you noticing your pool’s surface looking rougher in texture? This may not seem like too much of a concern at first, but walking across a rougher surface can downright uncomfortable and perhaps even a little dangerous depending the severity.
  2. Permanent Stains: As it ages, your pool’s surface will become less durable, especially when it comes to cleaning stains. Stains will embed themselves deeper into the surface and become difficult remove entirely. If you’re noticing more permanent staining, please call All Florida Pool & Spa for pool resurfacing in Miami immediately.
  3. Chemical Imbalance: You should be testing the levels of chemicals in your pool on a regular basis to ensure the water is safe for all swimmers. However, if you’re noticing chemicals are imbalance more often during testing, there is a good chance a weakening surface is factoring into the imbalance.
  4. Chalking: Another common sign you need pool resurfacing in Miami is a chalky film forming over the surface. This is a sign your pool’s surface is starting to fall apart and it will begin to take away from your pool’s water quality, making it unhealthy for all swimmers. Replace your surfacing to improve your pool’s look and water quality.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today if you need pool resurfacing, especially if you notice these common signs!