In Need of Pool Repair in Miami?

Enjoying your new pool and spa in Miami is often as easy as it looks, just grab a float, a cool drink and enjoy. However, the previous owners may not have kept your new pool in the best condition. If you recently purchased a home in Miami, you may need to invest in repairs, maintenance, or cleaning. Before enjoying a relaxing dip, you need to have the walls, steps, floor, and skimmer cleaned. The pH and chlorine need to be tested, and the chemicals adjusted. If you have a hot tub, it will also need to be serviced. This may seem daunting, but our pool specialists at All Florida Pool & Spa Center can help walk you through the process.

Your new pool may not be as aesthetically pleasing as you wish, and we can help you with that as well. In addition to pool cleaning, we have a team of renovation experts who specialize in modernizing backyard pool and spas. You may not be sure where to start, but simply adding new finishes, tiles, pool decking, or water features can take your new pool a long way. Adding LED lighting to your new pool and spa can make a dramatic improvement in the look of your new backyard.

When the appearance of your pool is not exactly up to date, chances are your equipment needs to be updated as well. All Florida Pool & Spa Center will provide you with new pool equipment that will not only help your pool look better, but will make maintenance easier and cheaper for you in the long run. Changing your pool pump to a new variable speed pump can save you up to 90% on electricity.  Additionally, heating your pool with a heat pump will save you up to 75% the cost of heating with gas. Another idea is a salt chlorine generator.  This will noticeably improve your pool water and make it so that you never have to add chlorine to your pool again. If you are wishing to save additional time, you may want to try out an automatic pool cleaner.

Even if your new pool is perfect, you may want to make some changes. Hot tub installation is easy and can add a whole new experience to your pool or spa in Miami. Our in-ground models can be added to your pool to become part of the design. Take a look at our photo gallery to see examples. We offer a free estimate, as well as a “Happy where it is” guarantee. If you are not happy with the location, we will be happy to relocate your spa to a new location free of charge.

Once your pool and spa are looking perfect, don’t forget to keep them looking that way. All Florida Pool & Spa provides you with a weekly pool service. We also guarantee that your pool will stay clear and algae free with our clear pool guarantee. If you have recently invested in a new home in Miami with a less than desirable pool in your new backyard, All Florida Pool & Spa Center can help you whether you need pool cleaning, pool repair, or service on your hot tub.