Pool Remodeling Outdoor Escape Recommendations

There is nothing more refreshing than a dip in a pool. It is time to make your pool area a place to relax, entertain, day and night. Your pool area can be created into an escape by adding a deck, patio, water features, lights, sound and a few ideas you have dreamed about in an outdoor pool remodeling project.

Outdoor Pool Lights

Lighting your pool deck sitting area is welcoming and relaxing. Lanterns, chandeliers, and spotlights add  visual appeal. Step lighting on raised areas of the deck is a safety feature on raised areas and steps.

Underwater pool lights is a great idea to add to your outdoor pool remodeling project. The underwater lighting makes your pool inviting and easy to navigate after the sun goes down.

Glow in the dark paint allows for you to paint planters, stone or anything you want to be illuminated after dark.

Pool Decks and Patios

Pool decks and patios around your pool are added living space. Adding outdoor furniture, rugs, sound systems and outdoor televisions create an inviting and entertaining outdoor area around your pool.

Decking materials vary from treated wood, composite decking and various stone and concrete options. According to Concretenetwork.com today’s concrete comes in various textures and stamped pattern options. Stamped to look like stone, brick, and textured to be slip resistant. Tinted and colored concrete comes in many colors to give you the look and feel of your outdoor pool remodeling project you are looking to achieve.

Outdoor Pool Showers

An outdoor pool shower is an extra luxury feature. Whether you want a quick rinse before or after a dip in your pool or a luxuriously long shower to relax before laying out on your pool deck, a pool shower is a luxury item to consider when your budget and space allow.

Pool Entertainment Areas

Entertaining family and guests is a primary focus when you are designing your outdoor pool remodeling project. Options to consider in your entertaining patio features are things like, stereo sound features, an outdoor television, pool water features, outdoor fireplace or fire pit, and sitting areas.

Pool slides, hot tubs, waterfalls and water fountains are fun water features which add fun, visual appeal, and entertainment value to your pool and pool deck.

Outdoor Pool Remodeling: Change Your Pool Into an Outdoor Escape

Transform your back yard with a new outdoor pool remodeling project today. Benefit from not only increasing the value of your property, but also, create an enjoyable and peaceful landscape creation that is truly yours. From having a pool slide, firebowl, water fountain or LED pool lights, there is no idea to small or large that can be brought to fruition.

An outdoor pool remodeling project is a great way to extend your living area outside. Your pool will turn into a fun, entertaining, and relaxing escape. To start designing your perfect outdoor pool remodeling escape contact the pool professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center. The pool professionals serving south Florida for over 45 years.