Are You a Pool Owner in Need of Pool Motor Repair Solutions?

A high concern of pool owners is ensuring that the pool pump is functioning and being properly maintained.  But how does a pool owner know if they are in need of pool motor repair? If your pool is experiencing water not circulating properly, the pool pump is leaking or the motor is making loud noises.  It may be time for you to contact All Florida Pool & Spa Center the pool motor repair service experts who will have the proper pool testing equipment in order to provide an effective solution.

Pool Pump Functionality

An electric motor drives a shaft which pulls the water from the pool by a plastic or brass impeller.  A vacuum creates suction as the water is pulled towards the pump.  Pressure is built up via the impeller and then gets released out into the pool.  The impeller housing and the impeller are major factors that creates the necessary suction, and pressure to lift the water and force it through the filter.

The electric motor is powered between 115 or 230 volts and have speeds typically over 2 horsepower. Pool pumps such as the Pentair IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS Intelligent Variable Speed Pump is a pump that makes it easier for pool owners to manage circulation and filtration given the enhanced user interface and digital keypad.

Typical Reasons for Pool Motor Repair

Defective Bearings:  One of the most common reasons for pool motor repair is due to the pool motor bearings.  Due to issues such as corrosion, shock and vibrations, bearings are susceptible for quick wear and tear.  It’s time to replace motor bearings if you hear the motor whistling loudly.

Clogged Impellers: Sometimes, debris can pass through the strainer. If large debris gets caught up in the pump it could clog the impeller. Additionally, the nuts and washers can get worn out over time and become loose, which can ultimately cause damage to the impeller.

Motor Overheating:  If issues such as above are not addressed, it can cause the motor to overwork or short-circuit which can lead to the motor being burnt out.

Pool pump motors can last from 8 to 10 years before requiring a major part replacement or motor re-building effort.  If the motor ever goes bad, contact your local Miami pool motor repair technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center who will provide the necessary recommendation for repair or replacement of your pool pump motor.

Energy Efficiency

By ensuring that your pool pump is properly maintained, you’re also doing yourself a favor by reducing and maintaining lower energy costs.  Below are some tips to ensure you’re maintaining energy efficiency.

Pool Drain Maintenance:  The longer you delay the leaves and debris in your pool, the harder the pool pump and filtration system will have to work to move water through the system.  This process uses up more energy. By ensuring that drains are free and clear from debris, you can greatly improve efficiency.

Pool Cover Installation: Pools that go uncovered can lose upwards of 20,000 gallons of water yearly just through evaporation.  Reduce water evaporation by covering your pool when it’s not in use.

Pool Pump Schedule:  Your pool pump can be put on a timer to schedule it’s run times. During summer months, the pool pump should run for up to 5 hours per day. During the winter seasons, run the pool pump for up to 3 hours.

Pool Filter Checks:  With a weekly pool maintenance schedule, your pool service provider will clear out the debris and grime that can get built up over time.  Ensuring periodic filter checks will ensure that your pool pump is running efficiently.