Keep Your Pool in Miami Sparkling Clean with a Salt Chlorine Generator

Looking for a new way to clean your pool more efficiently? Most people in Miami lead busy lives and don’t have time for pool maintenance. One of the newest trends of pool sanitation is the use of salt chlorine generators. These great products are able to transform ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of chlorine which can be used for pools and spas.  The results are not only a cleaner pool, but a much more enjoyable pool experience.

Salt is also known as sodium chloride. But you don’t need to be a chemistry teacher to fully understand how these devices work. Salt chlorine generators use the process of electrolysis.  As salt is dissolved into the water, electrolysis removes sodium from salt, creating chloride or chlorine. The chlorine created is the most pure and clean form you can place in your pool. Owners will no longer have to worry about red eyes, strong odor or irritating dry skin. In addition to cleaning your pool, salt chlorine generators can also soften your water.

The best part about the salt chlorine generators are their efficiency. The chlorine produced is dispersed into the pool consistently, which prevents the water from becoming cloudy or developing algae. This makes everything easier for the pool owner. Imagine not having to check your chlorine levels daily? You also don’t have to worry about “shocking” the pool or adding chlorine tablets.

Salt chlorine generators consist of two main parts, a power supply and cell. The power supply is mounted and fed by a power pump. The system starts working when the pump is turned on. The cell is plumbed after the last piece equipment, usually the heater or filter. To produce the proper amount of chlorine, the unit must be properly sized. It’s recommended to install a unit which is slightly larger than you need.  Your unit will last longer with more efficiency.

Make sure to add the proper amount of salt recommended by the manufacturer. Most salt chlorine generators used 4 to 6 bags of iodine-free salt. Before you begin using the system, test your water for salt levels. Some products, such as liquid chlorine gradually build up salt levels in your pool. Use a teaspoon of salt for every gallon of water. When salt is dissolved into the cell, electrolysis converts it into chlorine.

The professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa in North Miami have salt chlorine generators from a variety of brands, including Zodiac, Hayward, Auto Pilot and Pentair. They can also provide other cleaning devices such as cartridge filters, sand and D.E. filters.  Cleaning your pool is a necessity. It not only keep it looking good, but also keeps it safe.  Trust the experts at All Florida Pool & Spa for all your pool care and maintenance needs.