The Various Types of Pool deck resurfacing Options for Pool Owners

One solution to cracked, rough and discolored pool decks is pool deck resurfacing. Before a pool deck repair project is started, the initial step is to find out what caused the damage to the pool deck surface.  The next step would be to decide on the best pool deck resurfacing solution for solving the issue. With the help of professional pool decking experts, it’s best to remove loose and broken concrete and fill the visible cracks as the first step.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Tools

One option for cleaning damaged pool decks is to use a shot blaster. Shot-blasting is one tool that will aid in leveling a floor, cleaning and sanding concrete. Another tool that is used to prepare & clean the damaged concrete is a pressure washer.

Tools for the job include a shot blaster, power washer, ear and eye protection, concrete stain, concrete and gravel.

Concrete Resurfacing

If the pool deck has large and gaping cracks, it’s important that these get filled quickly.  A method called concrete patching is applied where the surface of the concrete is smoothed over using a concrete float.  Next, a method called micro-topping is used in order to apply a cement-based polymer on the surface which adds color and texture.  This spray on micro-topping is applied using a power sprayer.

 Pool Deck Recoloring

With professional pool deck resurfacing experts like All Florida Pool & Spa Center, pool owners can choose the colors and textures, and the experts will apply your desired coating for the decks surface.  Due to years of neglect, weatherization, sun exposure, or even pool chemicals, concrete stains and colors can become discolored or worn away.  Implementing a pool deck resurfacing solution can be revitalized by applying a water-based stain solution that is long lasting.  A UV-resistant stain solution combined with a sealer to protect the concrete will allow for a vibrantly colored pool deck that will last many years.

Another coloring solution is acid stains.  With an acid stain pool deck resurfacing solution, pool owners can enhance the concrete surface with this type of translucent shade of color.  Some acid stains colors include caramel, café mocha, palm green, aqua mist, gold rush, desert sunset and Santa Fe red.  There are an endless number of color coatings that can be applied decoratively on your pool decks surface.

Pool Deck Installations

Regardless whether you’re a residential pool owner or have a commercial pool in hotels or public facilities, a pool deck resurfacing company can provide concrete resurfacing, color coating and overlay solutions that will meet your needs. All Florida Pool & Spa Center has the pool deck resurfacing products and processes in order to repair and protect your pool deck without having to implement a costly new pool deck.