New Spa Installations and Promotions at All Florida Pool & Spa Center

It is busy season at All Florida Pool & Spa Center! This year has been one of our best-selling thanks to our monthly promotions. Our customers have been very happy with the selection available at discount prices for both Sundance Spas and Bullfrog Spas. The All Florida Pool & Spa Center promotions include available financing and rebate options – plus, free at-home measurements from one of our trusted and knowledgeable spa professionals.

The All Florida Pool & Spa Center Team’s most recent installations can be made almost anywhere! Some of the most popular options include your backyard, patio area and poolside. Our certified professionals will measure and install your spa of choice perfectly – in as few days and as least intrusive as possible.

Click below to see new pictures of recent spa installations in the Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and surrounding areas.