Learn About New Sundance Hot Tub Models of 2016

Founded in 1979, Sundance Spas is the world’s top manufacturer of portable and in-ground hot tubs. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship results in a superior product, and Sundance products come strongly recommended by professional installers and home spa enthusiasts alike. This year, two new Sundance hot tub models are hitting the scene: the McKinley 680 Series and the Ramona 680 Series. These sizeable hot tubs, available in a range of colors to suit any decor scheme, are an excellent choice for homeowners who love to entertain.

Quality of Sundance Spas

If you’ve decided to invest in a hot tub for your home, you want a product with quality engineering, great aesthetic design, and excellent energy efficiency. You can’t go wrong with a Sundance hot tub. Sundance is a premium brand, offering high quality acrylic hot tubs with visually appealing modern design and eco-friendly energy efficiency. All of the available Sundance hot tub models meet the brand’s high quality standards, which has helped establish their brand as an industry leader. Their latest offerings for 2016 are no exception.

McKinley 680 Series

If you’re looking for a hot tub with plenty of room for entertaining, the new McKinley 680 Series from Sundance is an excellent choice. The McKinley 680 Series hot tubs are quite spacious, with room for up to seven adults. Great for parties, the McKinley measures 7.5’ x 7.5’ x 37.5”, holding a total of 410 gallons of water. Equipped with 44 jets, it provides soothing, luxurious hydrotherapy that’s great for relieving mental stress and muscle soreness. The cabinet comes in three appealing color options: “Coastal,” an off-white with blue-grey tones; rich, deep Mahogany; and classic Autumn Walnut. You also have a choice of several shell colors for the inside, from naturalistic Sahara and Sandstone to vivid Caribbean Surf. The McKinley uses ClearRay UV-C technology to treat water without harsh chemicals and by-products.

Ramona 680 Series

Like the McKinley, the Ramona 680 Series is ready to party. Built for up to six adults, it holds 410 gallons of water. 45 jets provide relaxing hydrotherapy, and like the McKinley, it comes in an impressive range of color schemes to suit any style of decor. Seven different types of jets provide a full range of massage types, and to make the experience even more relaxing, you can stream your favorite playlist through the included BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System.

Spa Features & Accessories

Whichever of the latest 2016 Sundance hot tub models you choose, you’ll be able to pick from an impressive range of accessories to enhance your hydrotherapy experience. Sunstrong covers keep maintenance simple, reducing your energy usage while keeping your Sundance hot tub protected from dirt, weathering, and heat loss. You can also find steps to match your hot tub, along with filters and water purification products. For extra relaxation and stress relief, try the Sunscents line of aromatherapy products. Formulated especially for use in hot tubs, they use high quality essential oils to create a luxurious sensory experience.

At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we’re Miami’s premier authorized Sundance retailer. We carry a comprehensive selection of Sundance products, including their 880 Series, 780 series, and 680 series acrylic spas. Whether you’re looking for a compact solution that fits into a tight space, or a 680 series hot tub that’s the life of the party, we can help you find the perfect Sundance Spa.