The Latest in Automatic Pool Cleaners To Keep Your Pool Clean and Fresh!

There’s nothing more refreshing than spending a warm South Florida day relaxing at the pool with your family. Whether it’s the backdrop for a backyard barbeque or a get-together of family and friends, your pool serves many purposes. But like any important investment, it’s important to keep them clean and properly maintained. The technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center use only the most modern types of pool cleaners to make sure your pool stays clean and fresh. Here’s a quick look at some of the pieces of equipment we use to make sure you receive the best quality pool care.

There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners—suction, pressure and robotic. These cleaners are extremely efficient. They can eliminate the need to for brushing, skimming or vacuuming the pool.

Suction cleaners work best for pools located in tropical and desert climates. They are the simplest of the automatic pool cleaners. They have the ability to remove the smallest particles of dirt along with leaves and twigs. Suction cleaners are installed to the area of the pool where water is drawn out and filtered. By using suction pressure around the bottom of the pool and walls, dirt and debris are vacuumed through a hose into the filtration system. If your pool is prone to collecting leaves and branches, a suction cleaner is your best option. If you have a lot of debris you should use an in-line pre-filter.

Pressure cleaners need to be installed on a dedicated line and need a booster pump to function properly. Because these cleaner require a booster pump, they’ll need more energy. But the benefits are two-fold. They tend to work faster and more efficiently. Pressure cleaners are attached to pool’s pressure side, where filtered water is transferred back into the pool. By using pressure, it’s able to vacuum dirt into the cleaner’s debris bag. This clean system works best for pools with larger sized debris. A huge benefit of a pressure type automatic pool cleaner is it keeps the dirt and debris away from the pools filtration system, allowing much more time between cleaning or backwashing it.

Robotic cleaners make up the last group. These are the most convenient because it’s very simple to use, when you want to use it. Just plug it into an outlet, drop it into the pool and turn it on. The robotic cleaner goes directly to the bottom of the pool and collects dirt and debris while climbing the walls. The debris is then deposited into a mesh bag or cartridge.

All Florida Pool & Spa takes great pride using the most innovative types of automatic pool cleaners including the brands, Dolphin Robotics, Smart Pool Robotics, Zodiac MX8, Hayward Navigator, Kreepy Krauly, X-Vac, and the Pentair Great White Pool Cleaner. All of these pieces of equipment are known for their efficiency and excellent quality of work.

Your pool is one of your home’s biggest treasures. Keep it looking good as new by trusting the pros at All Florida Pool & Spa. Located in North Miami, they do more than just clean your pool. They can install hot tubs, provide renovations, resurfacing, repairs, supply equipment, furniture and a variety of pool accessories to areas all over South Florida Call today and see how they can help keep your pool as good as new.