What is Hydrotherapy?

There are all sorts of things you can do these days to improve your overall health. Some of the biggest include eating right, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. Did you know that another great way to improve your overall health is buying a hot tub? It’s true! Hydrotherapy is a unique form of treatment that uses the hot water and jets of a hot tub to massage away pain, stiffness and even stress! Warm water has the unique ability to dilate blood vessels which increases blood flow and helps to improve circulation and alleviate muscle soreness. There are even some spas that are specifically designed for excellent hydrotherapy treatment. Massaging jets can help relieve muscle tension and pressure on nerves. It’s basically like jump-starting your body’s natural healing ability. Buoyancy reduces your body’s weight by around 90% so there’s less stress on muscles and joints. 

Hydrotherapy has a long history as there’s evidence that baths in ancient Egypt, Greece and Italy used hot water as part of the healing process, for exercise and in athletic training. Hydrotherapy also includes the use of cold tubs, but trust us, they aren’t nearly as relaxing as one of the Sundance hot tubs at All Florida Pool & Spa Center.

When you’re looking for a hot tub for hydrotherapy purposes, it’s important to make sure you test it out first. All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers wet-testing where potential spa owners can try out different tubs right here in the store. That way you can try out the different seating arrangements, jet placements and lumbar supports for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Jets should massage muscle groups, not your spine or other bones.  It takes about 15 minutes of sitting in a spot before you truly know if it’s comfortable or not. The best spas feature jets that can be aligned and adjusted for personalized comfort and support. Having a lot of high-powered jets is useless if they aren’t positioned in the correct spots.  Sitting in an uncomfortable spa won’t help with hydrotherapy treatment at all. And just like a car, cup holders are always a great feature that often go overlooked!

Buying a spa is a lot like buying a car in that you have a lot of options and price ranges to choose from. Doing plenty of research into what you want to get out of a spa and speaking with pool and spa professionals is the best way to make an informed decision into the best hydrotherapy tub for you. Give the pros at All Florida Pool & Spa Center a call today or stop by to learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and spa ownership.