Hints For Effective Swimming Pool Care in Miami


When it comes to swimming pool care, Miami residents are advised to be vigilant in order to maintain the health of their pools, as well as protect their investments. Let’s face: your pool is your sanctuary, the place where you can really kick back and relax after a long day’s work or host a pool party for all of your friends on the weekend. So of course, you want the water to be hygienic and all of the pool’s mechanisms to function properly. And that’s why you need to schedule regular pool maintenance.

Things to Pay Attention To

  • One of the easiest things to take care of is keeping the pool free of debris. Trim back any trees or shrubs close to the pool so no leaves or flowers fall into the water. And every day, skim any debris from the surface of the pool with a net.
  • You should also make sure that your pool is vacuumed once a week. This involves pushing and pulling across the bottom of the pool in a repetitive pattern until it’s completely clean. At the same time, clean any algae build up off the side of the pool with a nylon brush attached to the vacuum pole.
  • Keep the pump trap basket free of debris, and make sure to clean the filter and lint catcher. Regularly rinsing these parts will help to keep all mechanisms functioning properly.
  • Test the levels of pH and chlorine in the water with test strips from a pool store. Follow the instructions on the package to get an accurate reading and add muriatic acid, soda ash or chlorine as indicated to adjust the levels.

Schedule Professional Pool Maintenance

Of course, taking care of your pool yourself is a tedious and time-consuming task. That’s why it’s advisable to get the experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center to do it for you. Our service agreement ensures your pool is clean and in good working order, so all you have to do is relax and have a good time!