Helpful Pool Care Tips for People in Miami

Plenty of customers come in to All Florida Pool & Spa Center wondering what the secret is to keeping a pool looking great all year round. Pool care in Miami is a big deal as many homeowners have a backyard oasis of their own. Maintaining a backyard pool in Miami doesn’t have to be a huge project so long as you keep up with regular pool service and care.  Many have a pool service company like All Florida Pool & Spa Center scheduled for regular pool service, but there are things a pool owner can do to help in between visits. Here are some tips for keeping a pool in Miami in great shape.

The first thing to do is pretty obvious; skim the debris. A pool is never going to stay perfectly clean unless it’s indoors or covered. Most people with pools in Miami regularly grab the skimmer and pluck leaves and other stuff from their pool water which can help keep water flowing through the filtration system. It’s smart to check the filters regularly and remove and buildup as soon as possible. A clean filter also means the pumps don’t need to work extra hard to send water through the system.

One thing that also seems obvious can be a big help in home pool service in Miami. Water has a funny way of escaping pools, mostly through evaporation and splashing. If the water level gets too low, it may not be getting sent through the cleaning system. Be sure to keep your pool at a normal water level for best results. While you’re adding the water, it can also be helpful to test the pH level to ensure it’s the right balance. Simple pH testing strips are an easy way to tell if your pool water needs adjustment. For most residential pools in Miami, a pH balance around 7.5 is ideal.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers quality pool cleaning in Miami, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do everything possible to ensure your pool is treated the right way. Those with a pool in Miami can do plenty of things to assist with water cleanliness, energy efficiency and more. When you’re in the middle of scheduled cleanings, try some of the above tips and help your pool stay looking great. The experienced technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center can offer even more pool care tips when they visit for scheduled maintenance so call today and get started!