Heating and Cooling Your Pool

What Type of Pool Heat Pump is Right for You?

When it’s summer, pool water can become uncomfortably warm. When summer is over, pool water can become uncomfortably cool, even in South Florida. The best way to extend your pool season and enjoy the pool year-around is with a heat pump or a Rheem heat-cool pump. These are two very different options for achieving similar goals. The information below can help you decide which is right for you, a pool heat pump or a Rheem heat-cool pump.

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps are powered by electricity and they capture heat from the air. A pool owner can save money in the long run with a pool heat pump, since annual operating costs are significantly lower than yearly costs of using natural gas or propane pool heaters. If you live in a colder climate, a heat pump has an increase of energy use, however, it has to work harder to draw heat from the outside air. In South Florida and other areas where the climate doesn’t get very cold, heat pumps are considered most practical and quite ideal.

Pool heat pumps are actually very efficient and environmentally friendly. They are also durable, lasting up to 10 years and more. The way they operate is basically that they extract heat from outside air and increase the heat with a compressor. Next, the heat is delivered to the water and cold air is ejected out of the top of the heat pump.

The ambient outside air temperature should be 45° or higher, for a pool heat pump to operate effectively.

Pool Heat-Cool Pump

Many people will think that all a heat pump can do is provide heat, and they would be right, but some heat pumps can also be put to a number of different uses, providing heating, cooling or both for anyone who is looking for a really versatile solution.

When looking for a pool heat-cool pump, we recommed one of the many Rheem Heat–Cool Units they offer. With one of these units, pool owners can enjoy a full range of heating and cooling. This product comes in a range of different settings to suit any application and also offers an unparalleled level of cooling ability in even the hottest temperatures.

Rheem Heat-Cool Unit

A Rheem Heat-Cool unit will give you the ideal pool water temperatures all year around. This is the right pump in climates that can have very chilly winters as well as in climates where the summers can be excruciatingly hot. Your pool can be the absolute envy of the neighborhood. Imagine swimming on burning hot days, and the water doesn’t heat up and become more like the temperature of a warm bath. Instead, your heat-cool pump adds chilled water to your pool, making it irresistibly refreshing. This unit equips you to swim at times when no one else would dare to step outside in their swimsuit. The same is true in winter, when the unit will warm your pool even in extreme cold.

The way the Rheem Heat-Cool units work to cool the water is that it takes heat from the pool water, transfers it to Freon components, and runs it through an evaporator coil. Then the chilled water is returned to the pool. A benefit of the heat-cool unit is that ice melts off quickly when in defrost mode, whereas typical heat pumps can ice-up when the ambient air drops below 45°.

Reasons to Swim Year-Around

Making your pool accessible year-around can be good for your health. The following is a quick rundown of some of the many benefits of swimming in every season. All are also good reasons to invest in a pool heater or a pool heat pump:

  • Swimming is not only easier than exercising on land, it’s more effective.
  • Reducing the stress in your life is easier if you swim regularly.
  • Swimming is very good for your heart.
  • Swimming is the ideal physical activity for people of every age, including the elderly.
  • Certain chronic illnesses, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, can be relieved by swimming.

Pool Heat Pump or Rheem Pool Heat-Cool Pump?

Whether you choose a a pool heat pump or a Rheem pool heat-cool pump, our skilled technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center can provide expert installation services and maintenance of the highest quality. Contact us today at 305-893-4036.