Give Your Pool a New Look with These 3 Types of Exposed Aggregate!

If you want to make your pool look more comfortable and visually appealing, you should definitely invest in exposed aggregate pool surfacing to make it look and feel brand new. Exposed aggregate surfacing can take an aging pool and turn it into something truly spectacular. It can also take you one step closer to having your pool look like the backyard paradise only previously seen in your wildest dreams!


If you want pool resurfacing today, you should contact the remodeling department at All Florida Pool & Spa. We offer several types of exposed aggregate surfacing that can capture the essence of your backyard and give your swimming pool a new aesthetic that can really make it stand out. Our exposed aggregate options can keep your pool safe from deterioration, extend its lifespan, and increase the value of your home.


What Types of Exposed Aggregate Should You Consider?


You need surfacing that enhances your pool’s aesthetic and wows any pool guest, which makes these 3 types of exposed aggregate perfect for your consideration:

  1. Diamond Brite: They say diamonds are forever, and it’s especially true if you choose Diamond Brite as your preferred exposed aggregate pool surfacing. Diamond Brite is available in several colors and textures to match your pool’s aesthetic. It is also longer lasting, comfortable to the touch, and incredibly easy to maintain. Like a diamond itself, this type of exposed aggregate can shine brightly for a long period of time. It usually comes with a 10-year warranty.
  2. River Rok: Perhaps you’re looking to give your pool more of an authentic, outdoorsy feel. Well, in that case, you will be able to do just that with River Rok aggregate surfacing. It will help your pool capture the natural beauty of a river thanks to colorful stone, giving it a rustic look while ensuring smoother, more luxurious surface. One jump into a swimming pool with River Rok surfacing will be like jumping into a natural stream.
  3. Glass Beads: Nothing is more alluring than a swimming pool glistening under the sun and with glass bead surfacing, your pool can maintain that image year-round. Glass bead is the type of exposed aggregate that will make your pool look and feel undeniably modern. The glass beads allow your pool surface to glow so any guest will know your pool is the place to be.


Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today if you want to learn more about exposed aggregate surfacing and how our remodeling department can give your pool surface the boost it needs!