Frequently Asked Questions About Pools, Spas and Backyard Living

All Florida Pool & Spa Center is here to answer all of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, our experts are always on hand to speak with you. Call us at 305-893-4036 or drop in to our showroom at 11720 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.

Q: How much do hot tubs weigh?

A: Hot tubs are exceptionally heavy. Even a small two-person spa can weigh more than 600 pounds dry and, once filled, more than 3,000 pounds. A six-seater, meanwhile, can weigh in at more than 1,000 pounds dry and 6,000 filled. Due to the immense weight, installing your spa on a strong and stable surface is essential. A concrete slab or patio is ideal. If placing the spa on a deck, it must be well fortified to withstand the weight.

Q: How often should I change the hot tub water?

A: The water in your hot tub should be changed routinely to ensure it remains fresh. The average user can go as long as three or four months without draining the tub while heavy users will have to do so more frequently. To determine what is right for your spa, test your water weekly and maintain pH balance with spa chemicals. If the chemicals are keeping the water balanced, it is fine to drain your tub only three or four times a year. If your water is cloudy, gritty or smelly before the three-month mark, you will need to drain it more frequently.

Q: How often should I change my hot tub filter?

A: If you clean your filter on a regular basis, it should last two to five years depending upon how hard you work it. If you use your hot tub only intermittently, then you can likely get away with swapping out your filter once every five years. Heavy hot tub use would require a change every two years while moderate use requires replacement after about three years.

Q: Should I install my hot tub inside or outside?

A: Although most hot tubs are located outdoors in the fresh air, an indoor installation is possible if the area is well ventilated and large enough to house the unit. Keep in mind, hot tubs are large and rarely fit through a standard door, so if you are building a new room to accommodate your spa, then having the unit delivered before the last wall goes up is wise. An advantage of an indoor spa is keeping it safe from the elements, making maintenance a little easier. In most cases, where you choose to locate your spa will come down to adequate space and personal preference.

Q: What is hydrotherapy?

A: Hydrotherapy is a centuries-old use of heated water to offer relaxation and pain relief. Also known as warm water immersion, it can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease muscle and joint pain, increase mobility, improve circulation and detoxify and strengthen the immune system. It has been known to offer benefits to those with sleep disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes.

Q: Which hot tub is best for me?

A: Determining which hot tub to buy depends on a variety of factors, including budget, needs or preferences and available space. Consulting an expert to find the right spa for you is always a smart decision. Our experienced staff can help you find the perfect hot tub at a price that matches your budget.

Q: What is the SmartTub™ System?

A: The Sundance SmartTub™ System takes hot tubing high tech. From an app on your smartphone, you can view tips, how-to videos, and energy usage estimates as well as receive power outage notifications. It allows you to modify settings, such as energy efficiency and temperature and alerts both you and your dealer when your spa is in need of service. Assistance with the setup for the app is available here.

Q: Why is my pool water foamy?

A: Detergents, hair products, lotions, cosmetics and other toiletries leave our bodies and swimsuits when we swim. These, along with cheap pool chemicals and algaecides, are the most common causes of thickened and foamy pool water. To rid your pool of foam, ensure the chemicals in your water are balanced by using some special test strips that will change color based on the pH and alkalinity of your water. The strips will tell you what chemicals you will need to add to properly balance your water.

Q: How often should I clean my pool?

A: Aside from using chlorine and other chemicals to keep your water sanitary, your pool needs regular cleaning. Surface debris needs to be skimmed regularly, although the actual frequency will depend on where your pool is located and various other factors. Your pool should be vacuumed, have its baskets emptied and perimeter tile cleaned on a weekly basis. Walls, floors and trouble spots should be brushed as needed and filters should be cleaned monthly. If you’d rather spend your time enjoying your pool than cleaning it, we’ve got you covered. Check out our premium and premium plus service packages.

Q: What is included in pool cleaning services at All Florida Pool & Spa Center?

A:  Our Premium Pool Service is a weekly package that includes water testing and balancing, removal of surface debris, cleaning of perimeter tile, vacuuming, baskets emptied and walls, floors and trouble spots brushed as needed. Filters are checked and cleaned monthly. The Premium Plus package includes all of the services of the Premium package as well as the free use of a salt chlorine generator. The salt chlorine generator  automatically adds chlorine to your pool as needed.

Q: Does my pool need a fence?

A: Yes, according to Florida law, all pools are required to have a gated enclosure around them. This law applies to both residential and commercial pool owners.

Q: What water features are best?

A: Pool water features should be chosen based on your current landscaping style. Our most popular features include fountains, waterfalls, jets, bubblers, exterior lighting, hot tub spillovers and stones, rocks or pavers. If you are uncertain what would work best for your backyard, our expert staff is always on hand to offer suggestions and advice.

Q: What are the signs that my pool needs to be resurfaced?

A: The average swimming pool will need to be resurfaced every seven to 10 years. If you notice peeling plaster, stains, chalky residue, cracks or roughened textures, it means your pool is due for a resurfacing. The process begins with fixing any damage followed by the application of a new finish and acid washing to the pool’s surface.

Q: How do I clean my Big Green Egg?

A: Cleaning your egg regularly is essential to prepare the best food possible. With that in mind, ensure you always remove old ash from its ceramic base before beginning the cooking process. After the meal, remove food remains by heating your Egg and then scrape or scrub the grid clean with an appropriate tool. The heat will destroy any residual bacteria.

Q: Where does the hot tub export service export hot tubs to?

A: Our Hot Tub Export service handles the entire moving process for our customers. Including crating and delivery, our export pros will transport your unit to anywhere in Florida as well as South America, Central America and The Caribbean including the Bahamas, St. Johns, the Virgin Islands and Curaçao.