Feel the Benefits of a Brand New Spa!

When soaking in a hot tub, often the only thing that crosses your mind is how relaxed you feel. Relaxation is only one of the benefits to installing a hot tub in your backyard or alongside your pool. Several health benefits are associated with soaking in warm water as well. The word spa is shortened from salus per aquam, which means “health from water” in Latin. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all used variations of the bubbling whirlpool we have come to know and love for therapy. All Florida Pool and Spa is proud to help you relax and heal yourself in the tradition of ancient civilizations with our large selection of spas and hot tubs.

Most people know that soaking in a hot tub helps relax muscles, but are oblivious to the fact that it also dilates your blood vessels. This can cause blood pressure to lower in as little as twenty minutes. In addition to improving cardiovascular health, sitting in a hot tub’s warm water has been known to help alleviate back pain and arthritis. All this, and the benefits of peace and relaxation!

If you find yourself ready to invest in your health by installing a hot tub, there are a few things to take into consideration, size being the main one. Are you interested in letting your friends and family benefit from your investment, or are you wishing to keep it all to yourself? Putting all greed and selfishness aside, the larger the spa, the longer it takes to heat up. Technology has advanced to allow new hot tubs to warm up much quicker than in the past, and pool automation controllers allow you to turn your hot tub on inside your home. Just turn your spa on from the comfort of your living room, and begin unwinding before the real relaxation even begins.

Improve your health and invest in the ultimate place to relax with one of All Florida Pool and Spa’s hot tub or spas. With a large selection of Sundance Spas, you are sure to find the spa that makes you feel like royalty in an ancient civilization. If you already have the privilege of enjoying your own hot tub or spa, make sure to take advantage of our convenient spa cleaning and repair services to keep yours in tip-top shape.