Extraordinary Pool Renovation Trends to Create Your Own Luxury Retreat

Pool renovations trends vary from one year to another.  If you’re a pool owner, thinking about renovating your pool, it would be a good decision to keep informed of the latest trends happening within the pool industry.  Learn how you not only improve your swimming experience, but create a luxury backyard retreat that is comfortable, relaxing and can improve your home value overall.

Types of Pool Tiles

Forget about the concrete slab pools.  A unique pool renovation trend that has been growing throughout the year in 2016 is glass and stone tiles. These canvases are popular on pools that have complex water features such as a fountain or waterfall, and great on pool that have a vanishing edge.

Unlike concrete, glass tiles texture and appearance will give your pool a sophisticated and luxurious look. Glass tiles offers a state-of-the-art appearance and is also a resilience material that provides more durability than ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Stone tiles combined with water features, such as a spillway, and paired with complimentary landscaping, is arguably an ideal pool tile option on the market. Stone tiles such as limestone, bluestone, and sandstone provides for that textured and natural feel.  These pool renovation trends provide a texture that is warm and inviting is a popular option in luxury homes.

Glazed tile is a great pattern that you can invest in particularly if you have a taste for images in your pool.  In addition, this type of tile can blend well with your natural surroundings.

One less common pool renovation trend are metal tiles, however, these types of tiles are visually impressive. If you want to add a grandiose singularity to your pool, consider metal tiles and their ornate moldings.

Pool Paver Stones

The latest pool renovation trends deal with pool areas that are covered by natural and concrete paver stones. The variety of colors that stones and concrete pavers appear in blend beautifully with any style of your choice when renovating your pool.

These stones are durable and can last a long time given the foot traffic around your pool.  Concrete also provides a smooth look for your pool edging and decks.

Stones offer a wide selection of options such as bluestone, marble, and granite. Bricks provide a similar shape and an earthy look for your pool.

Eco-friendly Pools

Going green can reduce the use of harsh chemicals substances that may be harmful to your health. Natural pools and salt-water pools can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative. The pools incorporate plants into and around the pool and use sand filters for cleaning and maintaining the pool. Geothermal and solar heating creates a balanced temperature that is comfortable regardless of the time of day.

Although, natural pools are rare in the United States, these are pool renovation trends that are gaining popularity among those that want a more environmentally friendly pool.

Pool Fire Bowls

Various pool renovations trends have boosted the pool designing industry, allowing for pool owners who wish to build a visually striking feature can achieve their dreams.  The use of fire around the pool presents an excellent visual as the dancing flames reflect off the water surface.

These fire pits are one of the hottest pool renovation trends, providing not only an elegant attraction but also enabling pool owners to establish a magnificent masterpiece, combining the mix of fire, water, and color-changing LED lights.

Pool owners can contact the pool design experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center today and get started on their magical masterpiece.