Experience What the Kingston 980 Series Spa Has to Offer

There are truly few things as enjoyable as relaxing in a home spa. Melting away stress and pain in the warming and massaging streams of water.  The additional bonus of being able to do this from the comfort of your own home is immense. It can elevate the feeling of being a real sanctuary from the cares of the world. A Kingston 980 Series Sundance Spa is a valuable and luxuriant way to enhance your private domain.

Kingston 980 Series

The Kingston 980 Series is at the peak of innovation and design. Using the latest technologies and top quality craftsmanship the Kingston 980 comfortably seats up to 6 adults, allowing for a relaxing and therapeutic setting for get-togethers.

With a wide range of shell and cabinet combinations available it can be customized to suit many environments and decors.  Loaded with useful and attractive features this state of the art spa will surely be an invigorating centerpiece for your lawn or patio.


With Sundance Spas you are assured of the most knowledgeable and detailed craftsmanship available.  As a leader in the industry and a strong commitment to quality they have been at the forefront of development for over 30 years.

With a dedication to heightening what we expect from a home spa, and an extensive list of industry first components, the Kingston 980 is the latest in a long line of premier quality spa’s.  Rugged durability and attention to detail are what sets Sundance apart from, and ahead of its competitors.  Continuing advancement is at the heart of this promise for the very best in your personal oasis.

Spa Features

The Kingston 980 builds on the most valuable features of its predecessors with key advances in connectivity, maintenance and comfort.  With style and elegance, the Kingston 980 incorporates the inherent luxury of a spa with modern convenience. Integrated with the i-Touch controls and SunSmart wi-fi managing the system has never been easier.  CLEARRAY® purification and MicroClean® Ultra, 20″ Slipstream™ Skimmer filtration assures the minimum of maintenance.

An Illuminated waterfall and SunCooler™, and an optional Bluewave™ Spa Stereo, cultivate a truly inviting setting for relaxation and enjoyment.  With nearly 60 advanced massaging jets, utilizing a variety of techniques, focusing the pressure for the ultimate full body treatment the Kingston 980 is the new standard in hydrotherapy.

Kingston Jets

Eight separate types of jets work in unison to provide a varied and extensive treatment.  With a unique combination of adjustable therapeutic actions the Kingston 980 delivers unparalleled performance.

Patented FLUIDIX NEX™, VORTEX™ and FLUIDIX ST™ jets mix high and low impact massage settings for adaptable operation.  The ACCU-PRESSURE™ and PULSATOR™ jets provide focus for intense relief in problem areas.  With the FLUIDIX INTELLI-JET™ and FLUIDIX REFLEX™ moving the water in versatile and efficient new ways.   The SILENTAIR® INJECTOR introduces the additional indulgence of the SunScents fragrance aromatherapy system.

For the most reliable and feature packed home spa’s there is no substitute for the Sundance systems.  The Kingston 980 series delivers the best of the best.