Count on All Florida Pool & Spa Center for Commercial Pool Service in Miami

Living in Miami can feel like a permanent vacation. The weather is warm and beautiful all year long.  But let’s not forget thousands of people from around the world also visit the Magic City to enjoy a little fun and sun. Many of them visit our local hotels, motels and resorts or use our local public pools. The professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa not only provide residential pool repair and maintenance, we’re also Miami’s source for commercial pool maintenance.

All Florida Pool & Spa has been taking care of residential and commercial customers since 1971. There are plenty of pool cleaning services in South Florida. But only the best companies are built to last. What does it take to be a leader in pool repair and maintenance? First, it takes man power. All Florida Pool & Center has a fleet of more than 50 trucks and 70 pool and spa professionals.  But just because you have a lot of employees, doesn’t a make a company the best. It takes years of experience, knowledge of the industry and a commitment to providing clients with the best quality of customer service.

We know that not every client is the same.  Commercial clients have the extra responsibility to make sure their residents are happy. All Florida Pool & Spa Center takes the time to work with management companies and homeowner’s association to ensure each pool and spa meets their exact specifications. This includes complying with local health department regulations to meet their sanitization requirements. The quality and safety of your pool and spa reflects directly on us. Convenience also separates All Florida Pool & Spa from the competition. Our professional technicians can schedule pool maintenance based on the needs of each client. Regardless of how many times a week a client needs maintenance, All Florida Pool & Spa Center can accommodate your company’s needs.  Commercial pool maintenance includes the following duties:

-Vacuuming the pool and cleaning the interior surface and tiles

-Monitor the pool water on a regular basis and maintain proper chemical levels

-Backwash or clean filters

-Remove debris including dirt, leaves or anything that can damage the pool

-Brush pool walls, steps and floor

-Examine pools for cracked tiles and leaks

-Refill chlorine and acid barrels

All Florida Pool & Spa Center’s commercial maintenance plan includes making necessary repairs as well as replacing or upgrading your pool and spa equipment. We make sure all equipment meets the latest standards by law. To learn more about All Florida Pool & Spa’s commercial maintenance and repair service, call (305) 893-4036.