Common Pool Repair Mistakes that Miami Homeowners Make

If you’re planning DIY pool repair in Miami, it’s advisable to give the project some thought before committing to it. Your private pool is most likely the source of many relaxing and fun hours with your family and friends, plus, when well maintained, it also adds considerable value to your property. And that’s why it’s so crucial that if you make any repairs yourself, you do so properly. Remember: faulty or sloppy repairs can result in anything from an unsightly blemish to a serious leak.


Common Pool Repair Mistakes


That said, there are a number of pool repair mistakes that homeowners often make:


  • Waiting too long before fixing a leak. A leak is a serious problem that gets worse the longer it exists. Depending on where it’s located, it can cause water damage to the underlying structure of the pool or to the mechanical components. Serious leaks can affect hardscaping and landscaping around the pool, and in extreme cases even cause damage to any nearby structures such as a pool house, guest house or even your home.
  • Improper finish repair. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of pool finishes, from multicolored plaster and structured finishes to vinyl, pebbles and tiles. However, it’s essential that if you try to repair the finish yourself, you do so properly and neatly. There are two reasons for this: first, the better the repair, the longer it will last. And second: an ugly repair is going to be an eyesore that can even adversely impact the value of your home.
  • Buying used parts. If you’re repairing your pool yourself, chances are you’re working on a budget. However, you shouldn’t let the budget get in the way of the quality of any replacement parts you need to purchase. Used parts don’t come with any warranty, which means that if they fail, you’re going to be out even more money. Investing in new, quality parts right away is ultimately a more cost-effective option.


Finally, keep in mind that it’s always preferable to call a reputable pool technician to fix any repairs on your pool. That way, you’re guaranteed a good, functional result.


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